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Reedin SuperWingX

The SuperWingX is a revolutionary new design from Reedin that is focused around optimizing every last bit of power and efficiency the wing can generate. Diverting from the conventional dacron/rip stop nylon construction, Reedin has an all-new X-ply canopy material. The X-ply canopy has a similar look and feel as many wing or windsurf sail windows yet does not have the weight and bulk of traditional window materials. Overall, the SuperWingX does not feel significantly heavier, or lighter than many other wings available on the market. The unique panel design is visible in the canopy stitching, and the X-ply material allows the canopy layout to be optimized for both strength and performance. This X-ply canopy is more resistant to small tears from foil contact than traditional nylon, and is easier to repair with tape.

As expected from a designer with years of experience, Damian and the Reedin team have put attention to all the details, large and small. The backpack style bag is appropriately sized to accommodate the SuperWingX with ample room for a pump, tools, or other personal gear. The inflation system is a high-volume inflation system which will require a pump hose adapter. Two oversize strut connection hoses with isolation clamps allows for quick inflation and easy deflation after the session.

The wrist leash is a soft double back cuff with an additional Velcro strap over the main leash cuff which will prevent the leash cuff from accidentally opening. Again, the details have been carefully considered with a plastic sleeve around the cuff double back point to reduce wear over time, and an option to extend the leash so riders can have two leash lengths to pick from.

Keeping with the concept of simplicity and performance, the SuperWingX has two large handles on the strut. These handles have a removable canvas cover that can easily be replaced as handles wear over time. The canvas cover provides ample friction even when wet and is comfortable to ride for extended periods of time. A unique S strut shape creates pockets around the handles to accommodate the riders’ hands which keeps the handles tight to the strut without restricting motion or rubbing. Even riders in cold water with gloves will have ample hand space.

This 3.6m wing was tested using a 52L Reedin Feather Wing board, 1280 Reedin Autopilot foil, wind 25-30mph. Rider 6'4, 170lb. Wind chop waves.

The Reedin SuperWingX definitely stands alone on the beach, and this aesthetic is backed up by raw performance on the water. Riders will immediately notice an incredibly stiff profile that has virtually no deflection when pumping, even in significantly overpowered conditions. The 3.6m wing has power generation and low-end performance on par with most 4m wings. The X-ply canopy has next to no slack, dead spots, or flutter. Riders will notice the X-ply material does allow for some visibility through the canopy, but it is not a full window. Other wingers and large obstacles are visible, but not perfectly clear as the X-ply material is primarily designed and reinforced for performance, not window visibility. Power delivery to the rider is smooth, consistent, balanced between both hands, and easily controlled through the two large handles. There is no slack or slop in these handles, just direct input and feedback. This control allows riders to point a few degrees steeper upwind, and make riding overpowered even easier with minimal fatigue.

Overall the SuperWingX will perform for all riders; freestylers and boosters will appreciate the stiffness and control throughout the wing. Wave riders and beginners will benefit from the stability, control, and the capacity to ride a wing size smaller than most others.

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