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Omen Flux

The Omen Flux is designed to foster progression among all riders, the Flux range lives up to its name as a beacon of change, flow, and innovation in the worlds of both prone and wing foiling. Constructed with Appletree's superior lamination and closed-cell waterproof foam technology, this board is one of the few that ensures durability and peace of mind, allowing riders to focus on the ride rather than the repercussions of accidental dings. The Flux’s design philosophy draws inspiration from various surfboard shapes and naval architecture, delivering a board that's fast, responsive, and capable of leveraging light wind or even the smallest bumps for quick takeoffs. The semi-displacement hull, wide tail, and parallel rails work in harmony to provide effortless lift and stability, making it an ideal choice for those looking to downsize without sacrificing low-end performance.

Even from afar, this series’ aesthetic catches the eye with a stunning satin black carbon finish and a white tail dip splatter. With strategically offset strap inserts – even for the back foot – this unconventional, windsurfing-esque strap positioning offers more leverage and control over the board's broad tail while wave riding or landing jumps. This thoughtful approach to board design underscores the Flux's suitability for a wide range of conditions. The Flux series offers a systematic range of six sizes – 36, 40, 48, 60, 72, and 84 liters – with the 60-liter model we tested measuring 5’2” x 21” x 4” and weighing approximately 10.9lbs.

Our initial experience with the Omen Flux series began with the 36L model during the Omen Operator hydrofoil test, setting high expectations for quality and performance. Venturing into the 60L territory, we were immediately struck by the familial resemblance, as every design nuance and functionality mirrored its predecessor, offering an analogous yet higher-volume experience right out of the box. This seamless similarity and simplicity epitomizes Omen's vision for a versatile board range, catering to broad range wind speeds and wave size without the hassle of constant tuning.

Just from running our hands along the board, the Flux's efficiency in both planing and releasing off the water is clearly apparent. With smooth yet pronounced chines and just enough nose rocker, the board effortlessly skips off the water during takeoff and touchdowns. Despite this bit of rocker, the board maintains a relatively flat and level profile, accommodating any type of inline or offset stances while still riding balanced and without any awkward “nose-up” feels. The deck is also equipped with a suede-like, flat-textured traction pad that offers the perfect combination of grip yet smoothness for foot adjustments.

Travel versatility is another standout feature we noticed in the 60L, aptly bridging the disciplines of wingfoiling and prone foiling. The board’s ability to perform in all types of wind, combined with a narrower shape that’s still conducive to prone paddling, offers a compelling option for riders looking to streamline their quiver without sacrificing performance across disciplines.

Handling the board, particularly in challenging shorebreak conditions, reveals Omen's ingenious solution to the typical drag-inducing handle cutout. The introduction of an FCS II fin plug and mini fin as a vertical handle is a stroke of genius, providing optimal control without the hydrodynamic penalty. This feature, along with its ease of removal for travel, showcases Omen's commitment to innovative, practical design solutions that enhance the user experience without compromise.

The Omen Flux 60L meets the high expectations set by its lineage, blending the best of surfing and shipbuilding heritage with the cutting-edge demands of foiling. The Flux offers versatile performance, whether it's carving waves, nailing tacks, paddling into lumps, or learning to prone, the Flux 60L is a genuine one-board quiver.

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