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Indiana 920 H-AR

Indiana have a robust line-up of foils, with six different front wings and three stabilizers that are all compatible with their unique aluminum mast and fuselage. Their four leaf flower-shaped front wing connector fits perfectly into the front wing with zero play. It’s an exceptionally solid system. The stabilizer is mounted using one of the two shims provided – 1 or 2° pitch adjustment on top of the fuselage and locked in with two smaller M8 screws. In the hands the whole system feels super solid and stiff. There is no play, and despite being a marginally heavier foil compared to other alu platforms, it is super solid looks fantastic. The flat projected high ratio wings and that beautiful green reflecting in the clear carbon finish of the wings mean that you are now the new Green Lantern…

I ran these tests in 2 to 4ft waves with two different boards and with a 6m wing in the waves as well. On the water, and paddling out on the 920 H-AR is smooth and the ultra-stiffness of the assembly gives a really confident feeling. Nothing is moving and despite the lively feeling (the front wing is 2.6 liters in volume) it paddles out easily. Catching a wave with the foil is quite neutral, giving you a lot of tracking forward. The board remains at the surface of the water and your pop-up can be slowed down without consequences.

The 920 H-AR provides a really graduated, balanced lift. It feels easy to pop-up on to with no unpredictable lift and it is then easy to tune into the right angle. The flight is balanced and easy to manage, the foil responds instantly and provides strong stability. The high ratio delta shape combined with quite a thick profile and a comfortable surface area gives a perfect combination between progressive lift and control, and it takes off and builds speed gradually and feels really neutral while gliding with a smooth and balanced ride. It will turn progressively on a medium to wide radius and glides comfortably in the flattest areas of the wave.  It is not ultra-maneuverable because of its big size but is a perfect foil for intermediate riders looking for an all-round foil for surfing and winging. It is an easy foil to pump too, with a lot of passive control and glide as long as you are not looking to pump too fast.

The 920 H-AR provides a comfortable speed range with a low stall drop at around seven knots. I managed a top speed of approx. 18 knots, as the thick profile and the flat area at the trailing edge on the fuselage connector limit the speed a little, and anything beyond that meant it started to lose lift.

This is a high aspect hydrofoil designed for intermediate surf and wing foilers looking for a comfortable and effective foil for a range of foiling disciplines, from SUP, surf, wing and windfoiling. It has a lot of passive stability and it is the perfect foil to master your jibes and tacks with, and it’s a pumping machine, allowing easy wave-to-wave transitions. The design and construction is top grade, and overall is a great showcase for some top-end Swiss engineering and foiling fun.


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