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GA Foils Hybrid HP 1750

Gaastra is a very reputable company within the windsurf industry already, having been producing sails since 1980. It expanded further in the boardsports industry with kites in 2001 and now has a large resumé of water sports that includes wingfoiling, kitesurfing and windsurfing.

The Hybrid is available with two different wing setups, namely the Free range with its medium aspect ratio for entry level foiling, coming in at sizes 900 to 2500cm2. Then you have the HP (High Performance) range of high aspect front wings that are available in three sizes: 1150, 1450 and 1750cm2. The GA foil range is entirely modular with different masts, box systems adapters, stabilizers and fuselages. All the elements are compatible and are designed to perform in both wing and windfoiling. The wings come with a beautiful carbon blue brushed finish layer, while the masts and fuselages are a black anodized aluminum.

The Hybrid wingfoil set itself comes in a standard aluminum construction, and the mast and fuselage are mounted together with three Torx M6 inox screws as the mast and baseplate. The front wing is coupled to the fuse with three Torx M6 screws, and the stabilizer is coupled with two M6 screws and a shim. Assembling the foil is really simple affair, using only one tool. It is extremely rigid and stiff for an alu setup. The bright blue brushed paint of the wings gives it a little custom-looking touch, and it looks great. The HP series are dedicated for performance wingfoiling and freeride windfoiling. They are high aspect ratio, flat projected with a constant dihedral curve and a very thin profile. We tested the setup in a 10 to 25 knot wind with 6 and 4.2 sqm wings, on a 5'0/50l board.

The HP 1750 provides some really respectable early lift, packs some amazing glide and it pumps forever. It’s a perfectly balanced freeride foil providing some really satisfying early and predictable take-offs, with some surprisingly quick acceleration. The 303 stabilizer makes it easy to control and allows the foil to be lively enough to suit advanced riders. The HP 1750 takes wingfoiling in light winds to a super high level due to its very large speed range and maneuverability. As soon as you get up on the foil it accelerates gradually to a very comfortable cruising speed, even in the lightest of breezes, thus turning those inconsistent wind days into perfect conditions for wingfoiling. It is a surprisingly maneuverable foil for its size and glides super well. The ratio of accessibility to performance is impressive: it is a very easy foil to fly with that could suit a beginner foiler, but also effective enough to satisfy a more advanced pilot who's seeking out the ultimate glide in light winds. It’s a really stiff foil that gives you a highly controlled amount of energy, building speed gradually and gliding ccomfortably with a really low speed stalling point (around eight knots).

The HP 1750 is also a pumping machine. This is the perfect foil to work on your dockstarts, and is definitely an amazing option to dig out when the wind shuts off. The extra lift and stability makes it a really comfortable pumping machine that will take you for hundreds of meters without burning your legs. Speed wise, the HP 1750 provides one of the widest speed ranges we have tested by a foil of these dimensions. It starts flying very early, with enough control to match the speed of far smaller high-performance hydrofoils.

The GA Hybrid HP 1750 hydrofoil is an excellent hydrofoil for intermediate wingfoilers. It provides a very stable and comfortable flight, while remaining highly maneuverable in contrast to its size. It also looks awesome… The weapon of choice for anyone looking for a lightwind foil, suiting a wide range of foilers from beginners right up to advanced riders. AB

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