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The GA Foils Cross has received a significant update for 2024, introducing several noteworthy changes from its previous model. Renowned as GA’s all-round freeride wing catering to beginners, freeriders, and versatile enthusiasts, the Cross now spans from 2.7m to 6.2m, with 0.5m intervals between sizes, ensuring you find the perfect fit.

In terms of construction, the Cross boasts innovative features, notably the utilization of the new ultra-stiff and durable ForceTec Dacron for the leading edge and strut. This material enhances stability and controllability across diverse conditions. Notably, the wing's center incorporates a double-layer of Dacron at the leading edge, reinforcing stiffness and durability in the area subjected to the most stress.

The canopy features the use of VoltNova, a 3×3 weave canopy on the front and central part, delivering a light and robust feel that likely contributes to long-term material integrity. The trailing edge incorporates a different canopy with a smaller layout weave and strategically positioned battens, ensuring stability even in high winds. While not the lightest, the Cross sits comfortably in the middle of the weight spectrum. The strut's significant angle provides an ergonomic and comfortable feel, even in powered conditions. Although we tested the hard handles, soft handles are also available. The hard handles are well-positioned with a comfortable grip, though it may take a few sessions for your hands and arms to acclimate.

A notable feature on the new Cross, increasingly seen in modern wings, is separate valves for inflating and deflating the strut and leading edge. This aspect offers advantages such as pressure regulation for personal preference and adaptable performance in varying conditions. Additionally, in the event of an accident, the independent valves ensure that if one part deflates, the other remains intact. The presence of windows enhances visibility before making transitions, and these ones are placed at the right place, so you can actually see something! Despite examining a prototype with missing components, the reinforced construction assures long-term durability.

On the water, the Cross delivers a stable and stiff performance across all conditions, from marginal winds to overpowered situations. While it's a good all-rounder, it may be a bit on the technical side for absolute beginners. Mastering its full potential takes a few sessions, but the low end is solid, generating substantial power for non-sinker board users during water starts. For riders using sinker boards, executing a water start in low winds can pose a bit more of a challenge due to its wingspan. In the high end, it handles power admirably, exhibiting minimal flutter on the trailing edge, even in full power conditions.

The Cross has good upwind riding and acceleration. For regular freeride use, it maneuvers effortlessly during transitions and tacking. Noteworthy are its great jumping capabilities, providing significant lift and hang time. The combination of these features with the hard handles ensures stability during trick performances.

For downwinders and wave riders, the Cross is very well behaved and the central handle happily keeps the wing neutral behind you, facilitating easy positioning during turns.

In summary, if you're in search of a versatile wing, the GA Foils Cross 2024 should be at the top of your list. It is a great choice for freeriders seeking a versatile wing that performs well across various conditions and wind strengths. It seamlessly combines speed, comfort, stability, and ease of upwinding in a meticulously constructed wing.

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