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I recently had the opportunity to “test” a new range of clothing and wetsuits from Follow, an Australian-based company which has dominated the boat/wake/cable industry for the better part of two decades. Now, Follow is expanding the company’s product lines to develop the “Life” range, aimed to keep up with our outdoor lifestyles whether we are in the ocean, up a mountain, or walking barefoot to the local pub. Tested in Australia, developed for the world, Follow’s products are stylish, durable and comfortable and all-the-while constructed using sustainable materials and designs. Need I also say that they are absolutely perfect for any water sport discipline? As ocean athletes, our surf garments are used and relied upon just as heavily as our boards and foils, which is why I became a Follower (excuse the pun) of these products from the moment I put them on.

One of my favorites in the Life range is the Sun Tee L/S Hood – a long sleeved, in-water shirt with integrated hoodie, made of a lightweight, fast-drying and ultra-smooth 130GSM recycled polyester knit. With its relaxed fit, it is hands down the coolest and best-fitting loose surf shirt I’ve owned, great for SUP foiling and downwind where you need that extra sun-protection on long missions, or if you just want to look like an OG as you weave your way to the beach in style. There is also a hoodless version (the Sun Tee L/S), which is available in a range of neat colors and made of the same thermo-regulating material to keep you at optimal body temperature while your legs are on fire and your heart rate’s through the roof! I’ve been wearing the “Dirty Red” for all my DWer’s recently as it’s been a great alternative to the classic “fluoro” look that a lot of safety conscious watermen choose to wear. The cotton surf-shirts and conventional rashies of old are just no comparison, once you try one of these on you won’t want anything else.

Follow’s newest technically advanced range of wetsuits is also class-leading. Their P1 Wetty Top (2mm), P1 Long Sleeve Spring (2/2mm) and P1 Steamer (4/3mm and 3/2mm) are all constructed using their 83% recycled Neospan 4 and quick dry lining, making them durable, high stretch, and so ridiculously comfortable you’ll forget you're even wearing them. Right out of the bag, that soft neoprene was mezmerizing to touch, and after a straight month of everyday use, still has that same fresh smell and new-wetsuit feel. I should mention that the elastic waist closure on the P1 Wetty Top is game-changing during those bigger wipeouts, and the low profile branding across the whole range is also a major draw-card for me. These wetsuits are a cut above the rest and, believe it or not, they’re made using spent oyster shells and old plastic bags!

And let us not forget the vast range of technically advanced everyday wear which Follow’s Life range contains. From the insanely breathable Tech Shorts designed to make you feel like you’re wearing “nothing at all” on those hot summer days, to the SPF50+ Sun Shirt, a lightweight, stretch-woven dress shirt that’s just that bit more “suave” for the more formal of occasions, water-based or not. Stylish surf-caps, spray jackets, t-shirts, hooded towels and more – Follow has definitely got your surf and foil clothing needs absolutely covered. I’m going to highly recommend you check them out on IG at followbrand.co.

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