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The MOJO has a particularly important place in my personal wingsurfing heritage. Back when I was just starting out with the sport, my first few sessions were pure frustration as I tried in vain to get going in offshore conditions – I reckon I must have swam 10k+ back to shore over a few weeks as time-after-time I couldn’t get any long runs in. Enter the MOJO. I got hold of the MOJO 6.2… Suddenly, on my first run, I had so much power that I was up and riding, staying upwind, and made it back to the beach first time. It was a wing with exceptional low-end usability and I’ve since handed it over to a few of my local crew who have been struggling with the power you need for those first few sessions and they have had similar experiences. So I was excited to see how a smaller MOJO would fare…

For those coming from a pure foiling or winging background, some backstory: Flysurfer have been around the kite scene for over 20 years. They build both inflatable kites and also insanely quick ‘foil’ kites – so quick in fact that a significant chunk of the Olympic kitefoilers in Marseille in 2024 are likely to be riding them. So when it comes to making things to capture the wind most effectively, Flysurfer have a good pedigree! Winging is a different ball game of course, so how have they approached the MOJO Pure? Well the first thing that you notice is the chunky LE and strut – larger than I think any other wing we have tested. Even on a 4.5m, pumping is a good warm up for the arms, and the end result is an exceptionally rigid structure. Flysurfer now offer two options for the MOJO, we had the Pure which is the stripped down lighter weight option, then there is also the Bright Edition which has windows and additional handles. The MOJO Pure, that said, is not the lightest of wings, but it is not trying to be, and this level of rigidity comes with some compromise in weight. For control there are three wide, well cushioned handles on the strut and a similarly proportioned handle on the LE.

On the water and the 4.5m MOJO Pure shows similar characteristics to the 6.2m. The low end is immediately there and – even in lulls (and with a gusty offshore launch) – provides excellent traction. For pumping the stiffness of the MOJO Pure ensures that pumps are immediately transferred into power and we found that the 4.5m provided comfortably as much power as other 5-5.5m wings that we have tested in terms of ‘get up and go’.

The profile of the MOJO Pure is relatively compact ensuring that wingtips stay well clear and also enabling you to really spin the MOJO Pure round in transitions. The handles are comfortable to hold and there is enough space on the wide handles to make 10-15cm adjustments to suit the conditions and, even after a long session, the padding ensures minimal hand-fatigue.

For a beginner rider the MOJO Pure would be an excellent choice with the predictable behavior and power development, and with the low-end getting you up and going nice and easily. For intermediate and above riders, you can easily ride the MOJO Pure a size smaller than other wings and the predictable behavior and well-balanced performance enable you to concentrate on what is going on under your feet rather than in your hands… AH

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