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CORE Spectrum 1250

Having already entered the foil market last season with their SLC kite foils, CORE have expanded on their foil offering by releasing the Spectrum foils as part of their newly created wing foil range. The Spectrum is a medium aspect ratio foil designed as an all-round freeride foil to meet the demands of the modern day winger and is available in five sizes from 950cm2 all the way up to 2150cm2 to cover the full range of skill and experience levels.

The foil set comes with an aluminum mast (options of 60, 70, 80 and 90cm) with a sleek low footprint base plate as well as a 70cm aluminum fuselage. The parts fit together well using the supplied Torx bolts and tool with no play in the system and for an aluminum set up the assembled foil is quite light. It should be noted that the CORE foils are sold with or without covers (as the customer desires). We tested the 1250 Spectrum foil with an 80cm mast in combination with the 70L Roamer board (rider weight 78kg). Both front and rear wings are made of carbon laminate constructions which keeps the weight low. The front wing has a slight anhedral shape with slightly swept back wing tips that are turned up to function as winglets. Interestingly, CORE has gone for a slightly larger and lower aspect rear wing. This rear wing has a dihedral shape to allow the foil to roll into turns, and the lower aspect ratio gives added stability and lift.

Getting going on the Spectrum is easy with good low-end lift and the foil having a comfortable amount of front foot pressure. The longer fuselage gives the foil a very stable and reassuring feel when cruising along and initiating turns is easy with the foil rolling over nicely. The longer fuse and larger rear wing do give the Spectrum (at least in the size tested) a slightly wider turning radius but this is negligible compared to how easy the foil is to roll from rail to rail and how comfortable the foil is through the turn. This lets you hold turns longer and commit harder with confidence. Given that the foil is a thicker mid aspect foil, the Spectrum pumps well allowing you to connect the dots and get through flatter sections with ease and the general system (mast, fuse, foil) is stiff and responsive with no delay following rider input. Although it’s not a fast foil when cruising, the Spectrum has an impressive top end and is comfortable at speed down steeper faces. It doesn’t feel like you are being held back, but also doesn’t outrun the wave or feel overpowered which allows you to wave ride in bigger conditions whilst still remaining in control and working on pushing your boundaries and riding. The mini winglets / upturned wingtips really help with ventilation meaning that tip breaches are not something to be worried about which again helps to give you the confidence to push your turns.

Overall, CORE has produced a well thought out, all round foil that is confidence inspiring as well as easy and fun to ride with sizes and options to suit all riding levels complementing the XC wing and Roamer board. The 1250is a great beginner / intermediate foil (depending on rider weight) for those who want to progress their riding across all disciplines thanks to its responsive nature and ease of use. JM

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