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Double Dip: Cabrinha X-series MKII 930 & 1240

Cabrinha’s latest foil is the mid aspect Fusion X-Series MKII, offering a variety of front wings ranging from the 700–2100cm2. The MKII front wings can be paired with the Fusion V-Series tails ranging in size from 180 to 285cm2 tail. As a fully modular system, the X-Series MKII foil system can be easily customized to match every rider’s personal preference and progression. The 1240 and 930 front wings were paired with the 180 and 230 tails for this review.

The X-Series MKII stems from the success of Cabrinha’s high aspect H-series foils but offers a lower aspect ratio that will be better suited for riders looking for a little better low-end performance and a surf style feeling. The MKII offers early lift, great top speed, and the most noticeable characteristic is the rail-to-rail performance and refined tip profile allowing for smooth, powered, controlled breaches.

Like other Cabrinha foils, the X series MKII uses the CAB Fusion modular system, with the front wing and fuselage front half integrated into one part. The back half of the fuselage has a large wedge-shaped mating surface providing a very stiff and solid connection. A top mount tail wing allows for easy tail adjustments, or custom aftermarket modifications. The entire lower assembly is very simple to put together and has a very locked-in, stiff feel with no flex or play in the connections.

There are two mast options for the MKII system, a fusion aluminum alloy mast, or the fusion carbon mast. An aluminum mast will typically be more cost effective, whereas the carbon mast will provide the utmost stiffness and performance at a higher price point. The mast/fuselage connection has a deep indexed connection with a lateral barrel nut providing outstanding torsional stiffness. Overall, when assembled there is next to no flex, everything is tight and very well fabricated.

This foil was tested using a 4'6×19.5, 33L board, 3m wing, wind 25-35mph. Rider 6'4, 170lb. Both in small waves and downwind conditions

Riders will immediately notice the low end take off, early lift, and surf-like performance from the new MKII foils. The 930 front paired with the smaller 180 tail provided a feeling reminiscent of a twin fin shortboard. There was a familiar controlled looseness that was very fun to ride. The MKII 930 really brought it home when the wing tips would breach, the refined tip profile does an outstanding job of releasing from the water and providing a consistently loose yet predictable catch upon re-entry. This gives the rider a huge boost of confidence to push turns a bit harder as the foil will be right there, ready to engage. The 930/180 combination had plenty of top speed to ride larger waves if conditions allow, however riders looking for the ultimate top end performance may find even more gains in the 700 front wing.

Stepping up to the 1240 with the 230 tail brought an expected level of increased low end and decreased top speed due to the larger overall wing sizes. For most beginner to intermediate riders the 1240 will be a go-to foil in the quiver, providing excellent lift and glide while maintaining a fun level of speed and control. Riders looking to open up the rail-to-rail surfing performance of the 1240 and gain a bit looser feel can pair it with the smaller 180 tail to allow for a bit more rider input.

Overall the new Fusion X-Series MKII foil system is a fantastic ecosystem for foilers of all experience and skill levels. With wings suited for complete beginners, to the most hard-core wave chargers, the MKII can be customized to match every rider’s expectations. ST

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