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AXIS Power Carbon Pro Ultra High Modulus Mast

Pictures of this mast started floating around on social media during M2O in mid-2023 thanks to keen-eyed foil aficionados. And despite initially being developed for team riders, after much consideration, AXIS has decided to release the product due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback despite the relatively eye-watering retail price in order to expand their comprehensive range. AXIS’ new Pro Ultra mast tops the range of masts (Aluminum, Power Carbon, High Modulus Power Carbon) and promises unrivaled stiffness with a revised mast section designed to minimize drag and maximize the performance of the foils. Three sizes are available to span across disciplines in 800, 900 and 1050mm.

Like the other carbon masts in the AXIS range, and most other performance carbon masts on the market, the thickness tapers from top to bottom, with the bottom being 13.5mm thick. The baseplate of the mast is as per the other AXIS masts and has four open slots for M8 bolts allowing for quick and easy installation. Unlike the other carbon masts which retain the same section, the Ultra Pro’s section has been completely revised moving the thickest point back 20%, which results in a faster profile that doesn’t lock in at speed. The most striking thing about this mast is the taper in chord with a 12.5mm reduction in chord halfway down which forms a ‘dogleg’ in the trailing edge; this significantly reduces the wetted area and therefore drag of the mast, especially when you fly it higher. As brands push to optimize their mast constructions, it seems like the new trend is towards Ultra High Modulus (UHM) with a number of other brands also opting for UHM. AXIS have used military grade UHM in their new mast, and in-house benchmark testing shows it as 55% stiffer than their already popular and stiff Aluminum offering and 20% stiffer than the already very popular High Modulus Power Carbon masts.

So what are the benefits of such a stiff mast? Responsiveness primarily. The mast is incredibly direct with rider input being translated to the foil and vice versa. The existing High Modulus Power Carbon foils are already very stiff and responsive though, so what really sets the Pro Ultra mast apart? The biggest benefit of the new Pro Ultra mast is the section and taper. This mast is incredibly efficient and allows you to ride fast, as expected, without fear of ventilation thanks to the revised section. When flying high on the mast with only the narrow chord section in the water, you can ride much faster when pushing speed, but the biggest revelation when testing is the ability to maintain glide and ride efficiently at low speeds and in light wind where efficiency really is key. It feels like the system drag is significantly reduced and that the mast just slips through the water.

All in all, the Pro Ultra Mast is a nice addition to the wide range of offerings that AXIS has, catering to all levels and budgets. For those looking for the highest performance and speed with financial considerations not a factor, the Pro Ultra may well be just what you are looking for.

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