RISING UP: The Haumani Twins

Marking the first time we’ve had twins appear in the same section of the magazine (or any section, for that matter), we got in touch with Tahitian duo the Haumani brothers, to find out more about them as they gradually march a path toward foil greatness.

Photos: Shannon Stent

Hey guys. So firstly, tell us how old you are, where you’re based and where your local spots are. 

Touara: I’m 16 and I live in Tahiti in French Polynesia. Our local spots are on the north and east of Tahiti island. I like Hawaii for prone foiling, but when it works  I prefer our home spot at Papenoo Beach because it’s a big spot and there are a lot of long waves with a good backwash to get back out to the peak.

Haunui: I'm also 16 and live in Tahiti. Mostly I prone in Papenoo or Pointe Venus, but like my brother I prefer Hawaii because the waves for surf foiling are much better.

Have you been in the water today?

Touara: Yes! We’ve spent all day in the water practicing our disciplines according to what the weather and conditions have been doing.

What foil disciplines are you guys into and which do you prefer the most?!

Haunui: I’m into prone foil, downwind, wingfoil, but I mostly prefer downwind on a SUP because you're totally free. It's as if you were on a long wave and gliding all the time. You go really fast and downwind SUP foil is never tiring.

Touara: I’m into the same, but I also prefer downwind SUP because you can fly forever and you can never get tired of going downwind.

What’s your preferred setup?

Touara: My favorite set up for going downwind is the ART Pro 901 / Black Advanced+ Ultrashort fuselage / Ultra 800 mast and Skinny 359 rear.

Haunui: For me it’s the ART Pro 851 with the same fuse, mast and tail.

You guys have been riding the ARTs pretty much since their arrival. Tell us why you love them…

Touara: Yes, since the arrival of the ART Pro that’s all I’ve ridden because I love the speed and when I pump with these very light boards I can feel the foil under my feet and I love the glide.

Haunui: I really like the ART Pro because it goes so fast. I've never gone so fast with any other foil than the ART Pro, it's easy to handle and I never thought I'd be able to downwind with a 600cm2. With the 851 it's the first time I've gone so fast and for its size it's very impressive when you’re running downwind with it.

What’s on your radar in terms of competition. Anything in the pipeline there?

Haunui: I'd like to do the M2O in SUP foil downwind. I'd like to be in the top 10 or win the race, but for that, you really need to train hard, especially to pump against the wind for the finish.

Touara: Me too. I’m preparing for the M2O 2024, and I plan to be ranked in the top 5 – or just ahead of Edo Tanas!

Any epic foil trip plans coming up, or are things just too good at home?

Touara: I feel good at home because we have all kinds of waves and there’s wind all year round, but it’s good to travel and get to know lots of people.

Haunui: Agreed, we have it good here at home because we often have wind, but here the wind isn't as strong as in other countries, so it's good training for the downwinders, because here the bumps aren't big and wide, they're quite close and small, so when we go elsewhere it's normal for us to have conditions that aren't top-notch, and we're used to it. It's easy for us. We also have good surf spots and often a nice sunset to finish the evening session.

Who’s been your biggest influence in the sport?

Haunui: I didn't have much influence when I started foiling because it wasn't as developed as it is today, but today the foiler I respect the most is Edo Tanas.

Touara: Nobody influenced me really… When I first learned to foil in 2019, I was out in the waves and within an hour I was up and riding and staying on the waves!

And what do you think is the greatest aspect of this sport?

Touara: I would say the most important thing in this sport is to respect the people who respect you. That’s important.

Haunui: To me, the most important aspect in our sport is sharing. It’s critical.

So guys, 10 years from now – how’s life looking?

Touara: In ten years’ time, I’ll either be a pro surfer or competing internationally in foil with AXIS… and working for them!

Haunui: In 10 years' time, I can see myself as a pro surfer and pro foiler! I'd also like to work with AXIS and be known worldwide.

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