Dare to choose the road less traveled. Stay in the heart of a Natura 2000 protected ecosystem, immerse yourself in the surroundings and let the energy flow within. 

Located on Keros Bay, on the Greek island of Limnos, Surf Club Keros is a well equipped center offering everything you need for your foiling holiday.  With over 35 wings, 30 boards and 30 hydrofoils, you will definitely find what you are looking for. Surf Club Keros is an IWO Affiliated center, so lessons and beginner friendly material are of the highest standard. You can start learning on a 200lRRD Air Beluga with normal fins,then progress tousing a short beginner friendly 50cm mast and hydrofoil, and work upwards at your own pace. Advanced riders will find boards from 65L to 115L and hydrofoil sets and Wings from 1.5m–6.5m. 

At the beach you will find everything you need, a surf shop, beach bar, and umbrellas and sun beds (free of charge). 

Regarding accommodation, you can stay in Luxury Safari tents, recently redesigned and completely renovated in 2023. The restaurant and bar are located in the same area, about 700m from the beach, with a great view of the bay (10min walk or 3 min free shuttle ride).


Keros beach is simply a wing foilers paradise! A super wide and safe sandy bay, Meltemi wind, no hazards, sun and Meltemi wind!  Surf Club Keros is also one of the best equipped wing foil schools (and IKO Affiliated), with experienced instructors that can teach in English, German, French, Greek, Bulgarian, and Italian. Limnos is a great laid back island with great cuisine, wind and landscapes, away from mass tourism, but lots of surf vibes around Keros beach.


In front of the station there are no waves and you walk out for about 80m on the sandbar until you can reach the required depth.  Beginners practice within this shallow zone, without hydrofoils, so it is also a perfect beginner spot, with an easy and controlled environment. There is an abundance  of space and flat water to the left side of the station (north) and on the right (south side) you start to get small waves to practice pumping and wave riding. In the evening the winds turn offshore and become lighter, providing a completely different terrain, still good for hydrofoiling, when most other people are on the beach.


The Meltemi season is traditionally between June and September, which means clear skies, warm temperature and usually conditions between 14-23 knots. Before and after the Meltemi season there is still wind, but it might not have the stereotypical characteristics of summer. It can still be great for wingfoiling.


Surf Club Keros offers a variety of no-wind alternatives, especially suitable for families. You can learn to Scuba dive at Keros beach and at point Kavalaris at the edge of the bay. There are island trips, trips to the sand dunes for sand boarding and e-mtb rides. On the other hand, if you wish to explore the island on your own, there are many hidden gems.  There are more than 100 beaches on the island, so with a little bit of exploring, you can have a beach for your own even in high season!

Getting There

Limnos Airport, LXS, which has frequent flights from Athens (ATH) and Thessaloniki (SKG)

Gear Options

Recommended wing size?  Anything between 3.5-5m.  If you want to enjoy the evening offshores, you could go out on a 5.5-6.5m and a bigger front wing.

Recommended mast length? 85cm

Which Wetsuit?

Summer is board shorts season. If you want to spend all day on the water, maybe a 2mm shorty will keep you out there longer.


3.5 euros.

Typical Dinner

Between 22-27 euros.

Late Night

Limnos does not have a great party scene, but there are a few cocktail evenings and event parties throughout the season that will keep things interesting.  Most people choose to socialize at the beach bar or at Surf Club Keros restaurant at night, over some local Limnos wine.