The Outer Banks Kiting center has been around since 2006. Pioneering the sports of wingfoiling, eFoiling and kiting. They know the secret spots, wind directions, deep water locations on the island, and with their 24’ Carolina Skiff, gear transport is easy! Not to mention bringing towels, food/drink, and apres drinks post sessions… Whether you're taking your first foil lessons, or needing a guide for your visit, join the Outer Banks team for some OBX sessions, fun, safety, and experiences of a lifetime!


The Outer Banks, NC (OBX) provides endless miles of open water, sandy beaches, and clean wind!  The season is usually really reliable April through November each year. Deep waters available oceanside anywhere.  Soundside, flatwater areas accessible via our floating classroom, excursion boat, with plenty of room for wings, kites, and foils…


The Outer Banks Team can put you in the safest areas for foiling.  Of course, oceanside is available if you are already a seasoned foiler, and we can still provide support for long wave riding downwinders!  Wing, kite, sup, prone, and eFoiling all available in Avon!


April through November each year on the OBX provides the most consistent wind, waves, and weather…


If the wind turns off, eFoiling is a must!  Not only for flat water cross training, but, also for tow ins oceanside wave riding.  Not to mention SUP downwind foiling, prone foiling, and sup wave foiling are all available.

Getting There

Fly to Norfolk airport, drive, or take in the scenic route and catch a ferry.

Gear Options

3-5m will cover all conditions.

70cm mast soundside and 80 to 90cm oceanside.

Which Wetsuit?

Spring suit of your choice. May through September just a spray top…



Typical Dinner

Pangea Tavern, Ketch 55, and Po House are the best places for grub.

Late Night

Play hard all day, rest in the evenings…, some late night bars in Avon.