Our 17th issue has landed – 236 pages of the purest foiling content, including adventure, news, gear tests and interviews.

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THE WALL OF DEATH // Matt Elsasser and Brian Grubb get invited on a trek through the Amazonian jungle in search of the world's longest wave – the Pororoca. And despite the name of the feature, they lived to tell the tale…

HALCYON HAWAIIAN DAYS // Philip Muller's downwinder pilgrimage to Hawaii took in multiple stops at some of the world's most renowned locations alongside some of the world's greatest within that discipline. Sadly, you'll never see the film…

MAKING WAVES // As with many of us, Kyle Cabano's journey into foiling is a tale paved with frustration and self-doubt. But, as Kyle discovered, when things all align, there's no turning back…

THE FIXER // Following a last minute hitch, and faced with having to pull together a top-level photoshoot before a fast-approaching product launch date, Shannon Stent had to think on his feet, and enlist the help of a trusted few… and it all paid off.

OPENING UP THE BACK YARD // With foiling having manifested multiple ways of having a good time on the water, Tom Court's own slice of coastline at home in the UK has become a playground all of its own…

FIJI FIELD LOG // Island life on Fiji is a pretty laid back affair. Until, that is, a solid swell shows up and you want to score some of those world-class rollers to yourself. For Cole Kawana, that means a pre-dawn mission to Cloudbreak on the ski…

FLYING HIGH // Life moves pretty fast for Kaden Pritchard. Professional obligations meant a last minute photoshoot was on the cards before he had to hop on a flight to Hood River. Thankfully, it was absolutely firing…

 // @foilhub's Jonathan Wilson enlists a few of his Zapcat pilot friends, and then gives Tom Earl and Mike Chapman the thumbs up for a day of tow foiling with a difference…

A GARDA AFTERNOON // Joined by a whole bunch of her pro riding peers, Manuela Jungo spends a pretty unforgettable day on Lake Garda, making the most of the lake's highly predictable thermal winds…

BACKSTORY: TAKUMA // From the Kujira to the eTow, Takuma have always been a brand who aren't afraid to come out of left field with something fresh and innovative. So how did it all begin? We chat with the brand's founder, Cyril Coste.


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