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3066 // This is not your average foil trip… Steeve Fleury and Léonard Berner ascend a mountain in the alps to pumpfoil pristine glacial lakes amidst truly epic surroundings. But, as you can no doubt imagine, it wasn't without its challenges…

BEYOND THE THUNDERDOME // If you were to imagine what a wave pool might look like in a post-apocalyptic world, then Surf Lakes in Australia probably comes close. Jesse Faen put in a visit and, luckily for us, took his foil gear with him…

HOME AWAY FROM HOME // It's been a long stint since Nathan van Vuuren had a chance to return to Maui, the island on which he grew up. In the meantime, winging has exploded and foil gear has progressed… a lot. But the good vibes remain the same.

LITTLE RED… // The Freedom Foil Boards crew, including riders such as Tom Carroll, Brian Finch and Brady Hurley, took a team trip to Hood River to spend some time hanging out, testing new gear, and enjoying the river's bountiful downwinder options…

TO THE LIGHTHOUSE // Alina Kornelli sets out on a journey, by both road and wing, to have photographer Lukas Stiller capture an iconic lighthouse shot that Alina has pictured in her head. Technology, however, has other ideas…

DREAM WEAVER // Being a surf guide on Namotu Island in Fiji means that Joshua Ku inherently knows exactly when and where the optimum foil options are going to appear as the tides move over the reefs. Dream job? Pretty much.

DYNAMICS: NORTH N-WEAVE // Lightweight materials are the current engineering trend for wing brands, with performance potential increasingly tied to a wing's weight. We take a deep dive into one of them… North Foils' new ‘N-Weave' material.

// With the UK as the final stop on Cabrinha's European tour, it was a chance for Keahi de Aboitiz to finally visit the country. His arrival also happened to coincide with excellent wind and wave conditions, on both sides of the island…

THE WILD WHISKY COAST // It underscores the versatility of our sport, when you can skirt windswept Hebridean islands in a classic tall ship to access prime and pristine downwinder and wingfoil conditions. For Patrick Winterton, it's a day job.

GONE WITH THE WING // What seemed like a good idea at the time turned into an arduous but pioneering journey for Andrew Englisch, as he crossed the notoriously sketchy Bass Strait by wing and foil. We have the full story…


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