Win Some, Win Some

Fliteboard picking up the heavy metal…

We received a Luxury Innovation Award in Geneva, in the Lifestyle category which marks an important shift recognizing Fliteboard as more than just a product – it truly is a priceless experience.

The international jury, lead be the CEO of Bulgari, took 3 months to decide the winners, which were presented by Porsche CEO, Michael Glinski. A true honour.

ULTRA won Best in Class at the Good Design Awards Australia

Having just come off of the win in Europe, Fliteboard went on to take home another award in Australia. Dr. Gien, Good Design Chief Executive commented: “This is design excellence having an impact at every level and should be applauded.”

We accepted a local award at our hometown in Byron Bay, for Excellence in Innovation. It’s an honour to be acknowledged on local and international stages for our never ending quest for refinement and creating the perfect ride, using the best materials on earth.

Special thanks goes to our growing team (now 60+ strong) featuring some of the best talent in the world with new recruits from pioneering backgrounds including Americas Cup.

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The Foiling Magazine quote

"I enjoy every page of the Foiling Mag – keep it up!"

Evan Mavridoglou – General Manager, AXIS Foils

"It's a beautiful thing to see how far foiling has come!"

Damien LeRoy – Pro Kiteboarder

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Chereé Thomson, Brand Coordinator, AK Durable Supply Co.