Riccardo Marca in Sardinia

Riccardo Marca has us all wishing for a Sardinian holiday after reading his spot guide… we just might have to make a trip.

The Sardinian Sea is famous throughout all of Europe and The World for its Caribbean colours… but this island isn’t just amazing because of that.

For all the water sports lovers, Sardinia can deliver some unbelievable conditions. The mistral and the east winds are blowing all-year-round. Winter time brings some great waves for many keen surfers, too.

Since a lot of wing foilers, windsurfers and kitesurfers are all very active already; it’s worth mentioning that there are some really nice trails in Sardinia.

The most famous spots for wing foiling are either in the North or in the South of the island, but if you like to explore a little bit, you will manage to get in the water pretty much anywhere along the coast, depending on the wind direction and forecast.

In the North of the Island, the famous spot “Porto Pollo” is mainly working with Mistral wind, the spot is in “Bocche di Bonifacio”, between Sardinia and Corsica and the wind can be pretty strong with a good forecast… here, you will probably be able to wing every day.

A couple of kilometres “upwind” (with Mistral blowing) from this spot, you will also find “Coluccia” in Porto Liscia, which is another spot in the same bay. Normanlly, the water here is a little bit flatter. Both spots are working with a Mistral. If you have “Scirocco” wind (South-East) instead, you can drive one hour and go to “Murta Maria” close to Olbia. This spot is one of the best ones in the north with “Scirocco”, the thermic effect will increase the wind strength, up to 5-8 knots more. If the Mistral is too strong in Porto Pollo, you can actually drive to Murta Maria and you will find 10 knots less, which could make your session much nicer in strong wind day


There are also some good wave spots in the North, all of them are working with Mistral but you need to make sure that the swell forecast is good too. The main ones are:

  • Marina delle Rose- the the ‘easier one’
  • Cala Pischina- which might be a little bit more tricky due to the many rocks around.

Moving down to the West Coast, at the height of “Oristano” you can find some of the most famous wave spots. One of them is “Capo Mannu”, which is known for its big waves. There must be a really good forecast for it to work, but when it does, it can be an amazing spot.

It is difficult to get in and out with all the rocks around this spot, but the best thing to do is just ask one of the locals!

Nearby, you can also find “Mini Capo”… the waves are smaller but quite powerful.

The South of the Island is also full of great wing foiling destinations.

I’ve been living in Sant’antioco for two years, I moved there when I was 16 years old to finish school and to chase my goal, becoming a professional windsurfer.

Sardinia has so much to offer! It’s beauty is truly amazing, and the conditions are what bring me back again and again.


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