VAYU presents the VVING…

There's a new wing-surfing brand on the block, and they're named after the Hindu god of wind……

Our mission is to become one of the best Wing-Surfing brands by living up to our promise of making this exciting new water-sport more accessible and inclusive.

For that we’ve developed a innovative range of products that will position VAYU as the household name for any water-sport enthusiast considering to embrace this new discipline. Let’s fly together!

VAYU the wind god represents air, breath, space, and the power of weather.
His movements from place to place on the earth give him the power to create waves, making him an important deity to surfers. Just like for us surfers and watermen, there’s no life without the Ocean. VAYU is wind, air, breath. And without air there’s no life. The Ocean is the very reason we live for. And without it we cannot conceive our existence. Hence we are committed to protect and cherish the very element that gives us life. In terms of sustainability, our goal as a brand and company is to embark on a journey to become one of the most inclusive and sustainable board sports brands by 2030.Every time we are on the water, we want to remind ourselves that we have an important mission. 2030 is our common goal. It’s the horizon we are flying towards.

Our Motto: Fly the Ocean.

From day one we are striving to have some of the best products on the market.

Products that we like to ride everyday. In order to achieve that goal, we have brought together the most diverse group of water- men and riders who not only want to be using the best gear, but that will bring in a fresh breath into the industry. VAYU is much more than amazing products. It’s a way of holistic living the watersports and the ocean. Meet some key members of the collective behind the brand:


Philip is a former Windsufing professional and completely addicted to water sports. He’s the founder of distribution power house Liquid Sports GmbH. Since 2008 he has been distributing some of the industries leading brands, including F-One, Manera and Xcel.


Bill is one of the world’s most renowned kitesufing designers. Recognized for his outstanding achievements in sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing industries. Bill’s lifelong passion for all things that fly has brought him to collaborate alongside industry greats such as Flash Austin, Lou Wainman, Felix Pivec and Marc Jacobs.


is a creative director and active ocean advocate with a passion for building brands with substance and purpose. He’s the co- founder of the ocean inspired clothing label TWOTHIRDS and the creators platform PANTHALASSA.


is the former CMO of adidas and member of the steering committee at PARLEY.


Ste is a semi-professional windsurfer, in summer happily competing on European spots on the World Tour and in winter she enjoys surfing at home in the Baltic Sea and in Denmark.


Stefan is a design professional with a true board sports background: While being a passionate Snowboarder and Surfer in his free time, he contributes two decades of design expertise in the sporting goods industry: Having worked with brands ranging from adidas over ION to North Kiteboarding.


VAYU products are 100 % focused on wing-foiling.

We believe in clean design lines and simple straightforward products capable of meeting the highest expectations in terms of design, quality and performance.Our team of designers have prepared a solid and versatile product range that will meet everyone’s level, from beginners to advanced riders.


The FLY is our allround board for people with little watersport experience. Easy to kneestart and plenty of stability. Our wingfoil specific volume and shape concept allows you to ride a short board right from the start so no need to downsize later.


The FLYR is our advanced board for people with experience from Windsurfing, Kiting, Surfing or SUPing. A wing specific volume and shape concept offers a high degree of agility and no limits on your turning radius. We will be offering the FLYR in two more versions, with carbon rails (HI FLYR) and a full carbon version called the ÜBER FLYR. We believe travelling will come back strong so we will also be offering in atable wingfoil boards in 5 sizes.


A lot of energy, research and testing was put into the development of our VVING. Our innovative BridgeBoom handle system will be offering riders the perfect control over their wing.

You want to be able to micro control every movement of the wing. It will be available in the sizes: 3.4 / 5.4 or 4.4 / 6.4.


On foils we partnered with AXIS foils to offer a range of foils from easy learning/lightwind to advanced.

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