Ultra thin. Ultra stiff.

North foils have launched their Ultra high modulus which offers 35% greater eccentric bend resistance, 67% greater cantilever bend resistance and 67% greater torsional resistance (comparing HM85 to CF85 Mast). North describes what to expect with the new masts: 

Our new range of High Modulus Masts provides a more in-tune ride with your foil. We’ve reduced the thickness of the submerged portion of our new Ultra High Modulus Prepreg Carbon masts by over 15% compared to our standard Carbon masts, while also increasing both bending and torsional stiffness.

We are using ultra-high modulus carbon to achieve our design target. Ultra-thin, ultra stiff.

Discover more: https://northactionsports.com/products/sonar-hm-carbon-mast

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