Ullman Windsports introduce the new Drift Falcon

Ullman Windsports introduce the new Drift Falcon!

The Ultimate Wing Foilers dream, gliding through the ocean, propelled by swell and bountiful wind. This is the Drift Falcon, our newest addition to our wing range. The Drift will become available this year through the Gong Galaxy Website.

The swapped back frame is the first thing you notice followed by a direct balanced feeling between the back and front hand. The relatively higher Dihedral on this Wing provide ultimate stability when flagging.

Once you are up you immediately feel the stable profile driving you forward. Gradually pulling you forward looking for the first opportunity of lift. Even a novice will want to start searching for his first launch.

Find out more about the Drift Falcon.

About the Max Falcon

The Flaka is where it all started, the first big maneuver. From there, we have seen a long list of new tricks in the Wing Foil Industry. From this, we created alight and responsive wing for maximum recover-ability, speed, glide potential and called it the Max Falcon.

Find out more about the Max Falcon.

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