The Triton X-1

The wait is over! Triton have finally released their X-1 monofoil



Performance. Simplicity. Innovation.
Our new monofoil for winging delivers high performance in a safe, simple, and travel-friendly package.  With no sharp edges to damage you or your gear, it's ideal for winging enthusiasts of all levels.

Tumbling in waves or botching an aerial is no fun when you're winging. But when you do, you're going to wish you were on the stabless X-1. The world’s first monofoil purpose built for winging is the product of cutting edge engineering and exhaustive iterative R&D. It delivers excellent low-end power and impressive top end speeds – a one size fits all monofoil. Its patent pending dihedral wing shape features confidence inspiring pitch, roll, and yaw stability while delivering unmatched agility and superior control in disturbed water. Get on an X-1 and you'll be gybing, tacking, and freestylin' like a pro in no time!


  • fits all 90mm track wingboards and 90x140mm inserts.
  • only 3.8kg
  • foils in 11-12 knots and loves strong wind.
  • rides like an 1100-1400cm2 wing


The X-1 comes with:

  • ALU mast, base + carbon wing
  • mast + wing covers
  • stainless steel hardware 

Find out more at

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