The new VAYU EOS Launch

VAYU welcome the EOS…

The all-new EOS represents a compact,high-performance wing crafted specifically for freestyle and freeride enthusiasts who demand nothing but the best. In comparison to the Aura 2, the EOS boasts a shortened wingspan, a substantial enhancement that elevates its freestyle capabilities. Thanks to its innovative Flex Wingtips, the EOS effectively reduces tip mass, leading to markedly improved handling and balance throughout your ride.

Key Features

  • DKC-160 high-performance Dacron on the leading edge center ensures exceptional tear strength and endurance.
  • Crafted from Teijin ripstop material with a 2×2 and crazyrip 5×5 weave for durability and reliability.
  • Slim wingtips reduce mass for improved handling.
  • Flex Wing Tips enhance handling, pumping, and comfort.
  • 3 x grip system: soft handles, rigid carbon handles & optional carbon boom.
  • Strut sup valve for optional higher strut stiffness.
  • New leash attachment for easy removal.

“As someone who's deeply passionate about both freeride and freestyle, the all-new EOS has completely blown me away. It's like the perfect fusion of my two favorite styles. The EOS has power and yet every move feels effortless and fluid.”

-Liam Dunkerbeck

A wing that's packed full of goodness

The EOS will be available in sizes ranging from 3.0 to 6.0, ensuring there's a perfect fit for every rider.

Find out more over at VAYU.WORLD

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