Tabou just released the “Tiny” wing foil board into their board range, with three sizes, all optimized for radical wing action. We asked Tabou Board Designer Fabien Vollenweider for some insights…

Fabien, we love the name. Tiny but mighty?

It definitely is a mighty tool, if you know how to make use of it and the conditions are on. The Tiny is our high wind wing board made for those who’ve got the level to use a full sinker board. It’s designed to go big, ride waves and jump in medium to strong wind conditions, plus it’s a great option for pump foiling.

How do you select your sizing for the range?

In the end it’s quite easy: choose a size that will easily sink with your weight. We have worked a lot on the volume distribution, allowing the board to sink flat combined with the weight of the foil. That is why the Tiny has a thick tail and super thin nose.

How difficult is it to design a board to cross over between prone and wing in this kind of literage?

It’s been designed as a wing board, so our main focus was getting maximum performance for skilled riders in this category. But with its sizes, you can also use it as a prone board. Luckily many design characteristics help in both fields and I know that Kaden Pritchard uses it as a prone sometimes. It is tricky to design a board with just 26 liters that is still relatively easy to pump and start flying with. It sounds like having to combine two absolutely contrary demands – as little volume and board under the foot as possible on the one hand and early take-offs on the other hand. In the end, a lot of shaping and testing went into this and we’re very happy with the result.

Who should be riding these little nuggets? And in what conditions?

Riders who pretty much only need the board as a platform to take-off and as connection with their foil will love the Tiny. On the one hand you need a certain skill level to be able to ride this board of course, but on the other hand you’ll be able to experience new levels of agility and freedom thanks to the super compact and light design.

Are they for use strictly with straps when winging?

It’s totally up to you. The inserts provide comfortable positions, when used with different straps setups, but you can also go for strapless sessions with the Tiny.

Talk to us about the hull design on the Tiny…

Our special rail design has the same advantage as a bevel, but the sharp edge provides improved release from the water surface. Also, with this we can implement a curvy rocker line on the rail that will help to easily pump the board for take-offs and have smooth touchdowns.

What’s the feedback been like from the team?

We’ve been working a lot with Kaden Pritchard and other team riders with different weights on the Tiny and they are very excited about the outcome. When you look at the videos Kaden posts on social media, you see what’s possible with such a board. But also Ross Williams, former PWA windsurf racer and therefore a heavier rider, rides endless waves with the bigger Tiny on the Isle of Wight. Recently, Sebastian Gux was pumping through the pool at Boot Düsseldorf and had some close attempts at pumping backflips – and this was his first session with the Tiny. So all in all the riders seem to be having a good time with the Tiny and that’s what it’s about.

Anything else in the pipeline from Tabou in the coming months? Your secret’s safe with us (and our readers…)

We’ve got a range of inflatable wing boards, the iPocket, which will drop soon and make it easier to travel with your quiver. In the background we’re working on many different ideas and concepts, but these we need to keep a secret from your readers until one of the next issues…

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