TAAROA Unveils iUP

TAAROA mixes AI into foiling tech…

The future of foiling is now!

The TAAROA team, with its 10 years of experience in hydrofoil and two years of specific development around artificial intelligence, is happy to announce that iUP pre-orders will begin on October 30th.

The performance of our autopilot and its integrated actions enable an enhanced experience in all disciplines of foil. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you'll find the ideal settings to make the most of the sensations of flight, whatever the conditions. You will find our iUP for pre-order on our site from October 30, at € 2,949 including VAT.

The iUP is a connected foil, which constantly evolves according to your interaction with it, opening up a whole new dimension in water sports. We designed the iUP with the desire to increase the potential of current foils and thus promote accessibility, safety and performance for all levels. Indeed, this is made possible thanks to an on-board artificial intelligence which allows the foil to adapt to the actions of the rider as well as to the flight conditions. 
When you are sailing, external factors like wind and waves or poor positioning can create instability. In this case, the on-board computer detects and compensates for the instability using the flaps on the front fender. The technology is similar to the tech that can be seen on the wing of an airplane. The assistance thus corrects the flight height and the management of lateral balance. These dynamic elements are electrically actuated and form an integral part of the wing, which is designed in flexible carbon fiber. Therefore, the front wing of the iUP can literally bend and it performs the same function as multiple wings that you would change in real time.

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