Stingray Foil LTD

Fanatic release their new wing/wind crossover foil board…

The new Stingray LTD is available in 2 compact sizes with 115 and 130 liters and for the first time it closes the gap between Wind Foiling and Wing Foiling. Use a wing in lower wind ranges and switch to a regular windsurf rig when the wind picks up or vice versae depending on your preferences? No problem, the Stingray is up for everything!

Compared to the Stingray HRS the shape is even more compact and gets out of the water early and almost effortless. Due to its foil-optimized outline it delivers a great freeride performance in both disciplines. A deck pad covers the entire stance area providing a safe stand especially for beginners. Thanks to the versatile mounting options the foil-dedicated Stingray LTD is very adaptable to various types of foils, sail sizes or rider skills. Getting into the world of foil surfing has hardly ever been so easy and comfortable.


  • Shorter Freeride Foiling performance shapes
  • Suited for Wind Foiling as well as Wing Foiling
  • Large deck pad covers the entire stance area for Wind/Wing Foiling
  • Suitable for all foil brands with track and tuttle box system

Find everything you need to know about Fanatic’s new double discipline board right here.

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