FreeWing introduce the new FreeWing GO

From the combined R&D might of Starboard x Airush, FreeWing release the all-new GO…

The FreeWing GO is the latest innovative wing design by Starboard and Airush. At it's core is a pioneering, ultra-compact geometry with a super rigid airframe — perfect for learning how to wing, and progress to advanced wingfoiling maneuvers.

The GO wing is designed to be strong and easy to use. The large diameter, straight leading edge gives you instant power and a rigid airframe, while the low aspect outline gives you balance, allowing control and maneuverability. When using a low volume wingfoiling board, this low aspect wing gets you out of the water quicker.

At the wingtips, the GO wing features kevlar reinforcement, and these wingtips are angled away from the water to avoid contact. For safety the GO is available with optimized windows which are made from a new durable PU material. The PU windows are designed for both hot and cold weather conditions.

*We recommend the GO with windows, but the GO is also available without windows.

We have new, wide center handles for easy trimming and GO wings 5.5m and larger feature an additional front handle for easy access to the wing when getting started.

The new FreeWing GO comes with a bag with carry straps and enough space for the pump. All wings come standard with a size-specific waist leash.

What Svein Rasmussen, the Chief Innovator and Clinton Filen, the Brand Director say:

“The FreeWing GO is my favorite wing for getting friends into winging. The ease of use from the shorter wingspan and plenty of power from the leading edge strut makes the GO a super choice for riding both on water and land.” ~ Svein Rassmussen

“As we share the FreeWing GO with wingboarders around the world, we are constantly reminded of the versatility and ease of use. From your first moment on water or land, to attempting your first rotations, the GO bring stokes to all level of riders around the globe” ~ Clinton Filen

The Details

  • The FreeWing GO has a pioneering, ultra compact geometry, suitable for any level of rider.
  • The shorter wingtips do not catch when learning, gybing, during advanced water starts or rotations.
  • The short wingtips also enhances the ease of use when not foiling or on snow, ice, with skateboards and land boards.
  • The large diameter middle frame creates instant power and a rigid feel, getting you up and going, despite a relatively lower aspect ratio.
  • The wind range is huge as its such an easy wing to control over powered.
  • The handles are easy to grab, while the windows are positioned and optimized for important visibility/ safety.
  • With the size range from 2.5m – 6.5m, you can enjoy winging any day in all conditions from 8 knots to 40+ knots.

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