Slingshot’s Hover Glide Modular Hydrofoil

Slingshot's modular foil system is a great place for any foiler to start honing their talent by way of a variety of sports and setups…

The Hover Glide Modular Hydrofoil
ONE Foil Platform
FIVE Sports
All abilities, any style, and every condition

The Hover Glide Hydrofoil’s modular platform connects the dots between our 5 favorite sports: Surf, Wake, Wind, Kite, and SUP.

It isn’t just a foil…
it’s a comprehensive foil platform with a constantly evolving array of modular components and wings that are all compatible with one another. The Hover Glide allows riders to adapt, modify and customize a single foil setup to match their changing abilities, needs and ambitions with minimal added costs. Customers that have purchased the first generation of the Hover Glide in 2016 are still growing their quiver of foils!

The Slingshot Hover Glide is the ultimate Hydrofoil platform for every watersport – from Wakesurfing to Kiteboarding to Windsurfing and more. Basically if it surfs, we put a foil on it and offer the best wing selections / interchangeability to allow you to participate in several different sports with one great product! Once you learn to foil, there's no telling what conditions you may find yourself. The Hover Glide is the gateway that connects all disciplines of watersports.

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