Slingshot Flying Fish

As part of Slingshot’s 2021 foil board range, they’ve released their brand new wing/prone board, the Flying Fish…


As the name implies, the Flying Fish board is built to fly effortlessly above the surface of the waves, swell, and anywhere else your foiling desires might take you.

The FLYING FISH has a unique combo of compact sizing and high volume, allowing high performance levels in Prone Foil Surfing and Wing Surfing

The board lengths range from beginner (5’0) to intermediate (4’6) and expert (4’2). Awesome for all skill levels!


+ High volume design is ideal for catching waves with ease.
+ Chined rails will allow for a quicker release off the water and up onto foil, and provide additional clearance when banking turns.
+ Ramp tail provides additional “push” for prone paddlers when catching waves.
+ Elongated EVA deck pad gives foil surfers creativity when it comes to stance location, and eliminates the need for wax.
+ Inserts for foot-straps allow you the freedom to explore your every foiling desire – from airs, to winging, increased pump-ability and more.


Find out more at:

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