Run. Fly. Be: North Foils launches new collection

The highly anticipated new foil collection from North is now here, including a new website and new Instagram…

As humans, we’re drawn to foiling because it gives us back a direct connection to nature, to freedom. Foiling opens up a whole new world. It’s a sport and a technology that sets us free. The North Foils rally cry “Run, Fly Be”, inspired by philosopher Bruce Lee, reminds us that we can be as powerful, as ever-changing, as unstoppable, as wild, and free as water itself. “Run, Fly, Be” inspires us to create a lifestyle based on your own rules, not that of anyone else.

Brand Director Mike Raper is enthusiastic about the launch and growth of the North offering, in line with the rise of foiling worldwide. “North is inspired by nature – Engineered, Refined, Intuitive – and the North design process begins and ends on the water. But we live by the philosophy of less is more. Keeping our gear simple and easy to use, but still high-performance and built to last,” says Mike.

There are several exciting new technological developments across the 2022 range which help deliver a more effortless experience to the rider:

The new Nova Freeride Wing has a completely different outline, a big sweet spot between the bottom and top end, and improved power delivery:

“When you’re riding the wing it has a much lighter feeling, the tacks, gybes and transitions feel really easy. We’ve focussed attention to the performance of the wing, but also to the user interface, with the introduction of rigid griplock handles.

“Rigid handles give you so much more control over the wing and the ability to initiate a turn with a flick of the wrist. You’re able to make micro-adjustments, and control the wing with one hand,” says Mike. “Plus the handles reduce fatigue.”

Product Manager Uli Sommerlatt says: “We spend a lot of time tacking upwind then riding rolling swells downwind. You’re literally surfing, carving, hacking these ocean waves. With the rigid handles our riding levels have improved so much – you nail manoeuvres straight away, first time.”

> Head here to see North's ‘Designer Notes' film about the North Nova

Refined for 2022, the Sonar Modular Foil System has been upgraded to include the longer 700mm fuselage, and a new, higher aspect carbon stabilizer, while the addition of the new MA Series of hydrofoil wings takes your foiling to a whole new level.

“The Sonar Carbon is one of the stiffest and highest performing systems on the market,” says Uli. “Combined with the new S-Series high speed, low drag, super-efficient stabilizers, the new Sonar takes your foiling to a whole new level.

“We’re also stoked on how much fun the new MA-Series Front Wings are across every foil discipline – wing, prone and kite. Agile and fast-turning, with incredible speed range and manoeuvrability, the MA hydrofoil is a complete game-changer.”

Attaching the Sonar Foil System to your foilboard is fast and simple. You never have to lose a bolt or screw, and you can easily adjust your mast position. The DropBox fast foil-mounting system allows you to leave the screws and nuts attached to the foil mast. Simply drop them into the slots on your board, slide them back, tighten and go. For 2022 North has made the DropBox track longer on the Seek and Swell for greater adjustment range.

The new SEEK Wingfoil Board has a radically different design for 2022, making it much easier to use. Board shaper Jaimie Scott says: “The biggest challenge for most riders is getting up on foil. For 2022 we’ve updated the rocker profile and added more curve between the feet – this increases the waterline length and allows the board to get up and going a lot sooner. You’ll find the new boards are a lot more forgiving and allow you to stay in the same position on the board when you’re starting out and when you’re up foiling, using straps, or strapless.”

The new Swell Foil Surf Board is designed to fit the waves: “We’ve put more rocker in the board, which allows you to foil closer to the surface of the water and you can touch down a lot better without tracking. This gives you the ability to push harder through your turns and even attempt to bounce off white washes. Concave in the bevelled rails on the underside of the board improves your grip when duck-diving, and when you’re popping up. We’ve kept the wedge cut in the tail, so you basically don’t feel the drag when you hit the water, just bounce up and carry on.”

The new 2022 North Foil collection is now available to purchase at your local retailer or directly at, so you can now configure your set up online and have it delivered straight to your door.

Discover the new North Foil Collection on Instagram @NORTHFOILS or on their new website.

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