RRD Unveils its Latest Freeride and Wave Toy

RRD's new Dynamic Pro Carbon SWK is designed for pure performance…

The Dynamic Pro Carbon SWK is a no compromise foil set. Each component is simply on a league of its own in terms of raw material selection and hydrodynamics up to the point that it suits the most demanding wing, surf and kite – foiler.

The Dynamic Pro front wing profile is the engine of this hi performance foil, designed with a negative dihedral angle turning into a neutral one on the tips. This special wing design with a differentiated dihedral angle is the base for turning potential and stability. You’ll fly with control at a higher speed and draw the sharpest turns. The SWK Carbon mast is the state of the art when it comes to the engineering behind it. The end product we wanted was the stiffest possible in both flex and in torsion.

We designed a specific slightly thicker profile toward the back of the chord to massively increase the torsional stiffness, the nightmare of expert foilers. On top of this we used only a combination of UD and Biaxial M40 Hi Modulus carbon prepreg fibers, the stiffest Carbon available today. The result is a masterpiece of unparalleled stiffness in both flex and torsion that is going to take your foiling to the next level. Experience the most reliable feel of control that will allow you to push your limits. Full trust on your foil.

The Dynamic Pro Carbon SWK 1200 is a “must have ” if you are a surfoil addict (expert level). This exciting new design is able to carve and hit any wave section without losing control. You will spend hours in the water and catch tons of waves. It has outstanding speed but still an accessible feel and response. It can be used by every rider who has great confidence with surf foiling. When used for wing foiling, its purpose is to ride proper waves or for freestyle in stronger winds. For kite foiling it excels in freeride mode and it is a playful tool for waves.

Recommended for kite freeride and heavy duty use for both surf and wing foil (riders weight between 70 – 85 kg).


  • New 1200cm2 full carbon Dynamic Pro front wing with camber
  • New 250 cm2 Dynamic Pro carbon rear wing
  • New extra stiff hi-tech SWK Carbon mast
  • New redesigned 76 cm light Universal fuselage
  • Solid connection using 8 mm diameter Torx screws and helicoil threads for mast, fuselage and wings. A reliable, strong and quick to assemble/disassemble connection
  • New wider Hi density plastic mast foot connector/adaptor for improved lateral stiffness. No oxidation between mast and fuselage
  • Each component comes with a padded Cover with Velcro to fasten it inside the bag (foil set bag supplied separately).

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