Revolutionize Your Ride

Takuma revamps its new WR wing, model III…

Rarely has a water sport come along and caused such a stir so quickly. Wingfoiling is an incredible bridge between kiting, windsurfing and surf foiling. It appeals to all new water sports enthusiasts because of its simplicity, quick learning curve, location suitability and safety.

Our WR model has been a strong contender on the market since the beginning. The new WR Model III has been redesigned and optimised for even more fun and performance.

· The shape and profile of the WR have been optimized for better stability and refined power.

· The long semi-rigid handles have been improved for maximum manuverability and comfort.

· New triple ripstop fabric and seam reinforcements provide
greater profile support, greater durability and longevity.

· We are now offering a new size of 4.5m to the range to suit all conditions and all riders.

These new upgrades translate into a significant performance improvement. Thanks to its amazing stability and forward drive, the new WR will take you from your first hesitant wing riding moments to the most advanced rides; be it wave riding, downwind cruising, jumping, speed runs, it adapts to whatever radical variation your imagination can take it.

Check out Takuma!

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