Ozone Rise V1

Meet the shiny-new Ozone Rise, a carbon wingboard range that is all about providing a quality connection between rider and foil, and is designed to accelerate your riding improvement levels through how much more you can ‘feel’.

The Rise is more than just a platform. Built with high-end materials and the latest construction techniques, this is a board for anyone who is beyond the basics and ready to feel real engagement underfoot

This may be Ozone’s first production wingboard, but we left no development stone unturned.

When formulating the design, vital shaping input and opinion was shared by Ken Adgate, a high performance Ozone wingfoil team rider who has also hand-shaped many custom boards for leading riders in the hyper-competitive San Francisco scene.

Through accelerating the trickle down of proven technology and design that often takes years to transfer from competition to freeride gear, the Rise V1 is a cutting edge product that will suit intermediate riders and beyond, whatever their ambition.

The Rise V1 is entirely constructed in a European factory with a Sustainable Surf Eco Certificate. 

Central to the practical performance-led design is the full carbon construction that encases a uniquely developed 50k closed cell foam which is incredibly strong and yet offers excellent flexibility for high performance riding.

The foam is also waterproof. Ding it and don’t worry; you can keep on riding, enjoying your session without fear of the board becoming water-logged before you get a chance to fix it.


  • Sporty and responsive ride and super manoeuvrable feel when turning
  • Direct and connected feel with the foil that also leads to very efficient and effective pumping
  • Perfect balance between length and width to aid ease-of-use
  • Easy waterstarts and quick acceleration onto the plane
  • Deep waterstarts are also made easier
  • Excellent recovery from touchdowns and fewer nose dive risks
  • Ideally balanced ride with lots of mast position options for more or less lift
  • Secure and comfortable underfoot grip, perfect for bare feet or booties


  • Lightweight full carbon construction with 50K foam, internal reinforcements and extra carbon layer reinforcements wrapped around the nose, rails and tail
  • The foam is also waterproof. Ding it and don't worry; you can keep on riding!
  • Compact shape with refined volume distribution from nose to tail
  • Progressive rockerline with medium nose rocker
  • Double concave hull in nose area transitions to V tail, accelerating water flow and increases stability with movement
  • Rails shaped for excellent water release
  • Recessed concave deck lowers centre of gravity for improved feeling and control
  • Ultra strong, custom moulded extended mast tracks

One board, a World of performance abilities

As always, find out the full specs and all the details over at Ozone.com

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