Ocean Rodeo release the GLIDE wing

Ocean Rodeo enter the widening wing world with their ALUULA-built offering, the Glide

Our ongoing work alongside ALUULA Composites has seen Ocean Rodeo blaze a trail in composite material technology and its implementation, fomenting a new era in incredibly light, strong and stiff wing construction. At the apex of this innovation sits the Glide, the first and only wing on the market to harness the proven benefits of the cutting-edge ALUULA material…

The Glide’s chief designer Ross Harrington brought his 40-year history of hang glider, windsurf sail and kite design experience to the Glide. Initial rider feedback has come in loud and clear that Ocean Rodeo's entry into the wing market has landed the Glide at the front of the pack…

The Glide’s ALUULA composite airframe allowed the design team to drastically cut weight while delivering a new threshold in airframe stiffness and durability. This, along with our pioneering Matrix handle system that allows you the freedom to change riding styles and positions, reinforces our belief that at the dawn of this new sport, the future has already arrived…

“From the outset we focused on an ultralight, balanced design that in a sense ‘disappears and behaves' while riding waves. The design team's Modus Operandi for the Glide was set it and forget it. Focus on the wave, while the Glide's shape and stiff composite airframe delivers you a smooth controlled ride and easy handling during all your maneuvers.”Richard Myerscough, Ocean Rodeo CEO



The Glide A-Series features a 100% ALUULA Composite airframe, offering truly next level performance that must be experienced to be understood. Our design team embraced all the technological advancements and opportunities that the ALUULA composite material provides, and implemented them into the A-Series Glide design.

Lighter, stiffer, stronger, and more responsive than the competition, a new standard has been set in wingsurfing with the Glide A-Series.




Strategically placed ALUULA composite materials are blended with Dacron to create this new ‘Hybrid Light' construction class that delivers an impressive decrease in weight with improved airframe response.

ALUULA has been inserted into key overlays and reinforcements throughout the wing, while the strut is composed entirely from ALUULA composite material. The full ALUULA strut reduces airframe flex while keeping the centre of gravity forward, resulting in superior handling.

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