North’s NEW Sonar SF830 | SF680 Front Wings

High lift, low stall speeds, and the usual North attention to detail are the dominant features in these new Sonar SF front wings…

Bigger Surf. Faster Swell.

The new SF830 and SF680 Front Wings are engineered for efficient glide and effortless pumping, with an evolved foil section and refined tips for tight, banking turns with speed and ease.

The moderate anhedral front view combines with a gently swept outline to create a good balance of roll stability, giving you more confidence during pumping and take-offs and manoeuvrability for initiating and driving through your turn with ease.

“The area-distribution across the span is tuned to the rolling ability of the wing – less area in the tips helps the foil to roll with lower force from side to side, explains North Foils Product Manager Uli Sommerlatt. “For a foil to roll, it must push the water above it out of the way, and less area in the tips requires a lower rolling moment/less force.”

North Brand Director Mike Raper says the new SF830 is his number one go-to for wing and prone surf: “The SF830 is not just epic for Prone and Tow, but it also excels for open ocean wing surfing. It's easy to pump onto foil and super-fast to crank turns.”

Quit stalling.

The new SF can be compared to North’s highly efficient HA Front Wings – only with a much lower speed range. Their relatively high aspect ratio ranges from 9.0 (SF830) to 9.2 (SF680), however because of the evolved foil section, the stall speed is remarkably low. The SF Front Wings deliver a similar frictionless sensation of glide to the HAs at lower speeds. This makes it easier for you to stay in the pocket and means you’re not outrunning the wave.

“To maintain such a low pumping speed, we needed to generate more lift out of the foil section at low speeds,” says Uli. “We always try to balance lift v drag – so to find that compromise here, we shifted the peak in the lift-to-drag ratio to the lower end of the speed range. Having more profile thickness and curvature in the front section of the profile makes it less sensitive to angle of attack changes.”

Having a wing that is not affected by sudden changes in pitch means you can really lean into your turns and drive through with confidence. It’s far more user-friendly: you can make a mistake, touchdown, then simply carry on – when you’re about to stall, give it one pump, then you're back in the game.

NEW Sonar SF680
Faster, more responsive and manoeuvrable than the SF930, with a lower stall speed, easier pumping to connect waves and more gearing towards the lower speed range. You’ll find the SF830 also has more glide than the SF930 at higher speeds or for lighter riders.
Area: 830cm2
Span: 865mm
AR: 9.0

NEW Sonar SF680
Fast, extremely manoeuvrable and responsive with great pumpability to connect waves,
especially considering how much bottom end it has. The SF680 has super high lift and low stall speed for its size and highly efficient glide at higher speeds or for lighter riders.
Area: 680cm2 Span: 790mm
AR: 9.2

SF1230 | SF1080 | SF930 | SF830 | SF680

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