North Nova V4

 North launches iconic Nova V4 – Master of the lumps and bumps, glide upwind, roll through tacks, float through gybes or lofty jumps with bonus hang time. Whatever goal you’re chasing, the Nova will send you there. 

 The Nova FreerideV4is a balanced, easy-to-use all-round wing with an impressively largewind range, low-end power, high-end stability, and light, intuitive handling. For 2024 North has introduced its ground-breaking new Carbon UDi Technology into the wingtips, stiffening the airframe and enabling it to snap back into shape faster and improving response time. Designer Dano See has also refined the draft position and depth, making the wing even more balanced and user-friendly. The new radial load diffuser and N-X6 Trailing Edge panel ensure more even tensioning and a tighter canopy for enhanced performance.

Brand Director Mike Raper says the premium material technology used in the NovaV4ensures this wing leads the way in industry performance while providing fantastic value for money. “You get a lot of bang for your buck, and you’ll struggle to outgrow the wide range of benefits this wing offers.”

North Foils Product Manager Uli Sommerlatt believes the new patent-pending Carbon UD tape placed inside the leading edge is revolutionary: “We’ve positioned anti-deflection uni-directional carbon tapes inside the leading edge in strategic high-load areas to provide additional wingtip stiffening while keeping the wing lightweight and responsive. North Sails is renowned for using this technology in their podium-proven 3Di race sails, and we’ve taken the same material and implemented it in the Nova Wingtips. 

“To ensure the wing remains stable at the top end, we’ve tapered the leading-edge diameter to the wing tips. The increased stiffnessof the frameand tension of the trailing edge give the wing more low-end power. But then, on the high end, the ability of the tips to flex away allows that excess power to bleed off in gusts when needed,” says Uli. 


Instant Up & Go

Structurally Balanced Freeride Shape

Carbon UDi Technology

New N-X6 Trailing Edge Panels

New Radial Load Diffuser for even Canopy Tensioning and Reduced Drag.

Maximum Low-End Power

Sailing Technology Reimagined

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