North Mode Ultra

North introduce their new Mode Ultra, in relentless pursuit of the fastest.

Ultimate precision. Highest speed. Lightest, most direct handling. The pinnacle of material technology and performance. Introducing the new Ultra Series, from the far edge of possible. Ultra, a new era.

The new Mode Ultra is a fast and direct high-performance race wing powered by N-Xi, a new ultra-stiff, ultra-high-modulus composite canopy material by North Sails Advanced Textiles.

“Our engineers have fine-tuned the Mode Ultra to match a racer’s instinct and intellect. The stability and the structure of the N-Weave45 Airframe with anti-deflection Carbon UDi Tapes and N-Xi canopy are critical for resisting deformation. The stiffness translates into an extremely responsive, direct feel and unrivalled control at speed,” says Brand Director Mike Raper.

Wing Designer Steve Calder says the Mode Ultra is VMG-optimized for sailing closer to the wind on higher upwind angles. Its higher aspect ratio design, thin, low-drag profile, and flatter dihedral generate forward thrust, lift, and stability at a higher apparent wind speed, while its stiff airframe and canopy combination enhances low-end performance to carry your speed through the lulls.


  • Powered by N-Xi
  • N-Weave 45 Airframe
  • Carbon UDi Technology
  • Rigid and direct – feel every micro-gust
  • Efficient high aspect ratio design relative to wing size
  • VMG-optimised design. Pinch higher, reach deeper.
  • Excels at the top of its range
  • Carries speed through the lulls
  • Ergonomic strut shape and handle positioning for greater rider comfort
  • Detachable low drag tow handle

Unbelievably Powerful

Find out all the details over at

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