North launch new Nova

North just launched a ground-up redesign of their popular Nova Wing


A wing with power when needed, leaving no rider wanting. Maximum low-end to get you up on the foil earlier. Top-end performance that lets you exploit gusty conditions. A wing that feels stable and balanced to fly, has lift through manoeuvres and feels light in your hands.

Brand Director Mike Raper says: “This is our third generation of Nova, and it has truly come of age. The Nova V3 is a real work of art, now leading the industry in regard to freeride performance.”

Lead Wing Designer Dano See says:
“The new Nova is everything to everyone – from novice to advanced riders.

“We’ve really focused on maximising the low end, so you need minimal effort to get up and go. It excels in wave-riding, and has a lofty jump with bonus hangtime. The ‘23 Nova is more stable and easier to use, and I don't have to think when riding it. It's effortless.

“We have chosen a profile that is not sensitive to angle of attack changes but gives you lift throughout. It’s precise yet compliant, with a generous sweet spot.”

Wing Designer Steve Calder says:
“As a design team, we’re learning so much daily, which is evident in the new Nova. Wingfoiling is humbling, and there’s no gimmes in this game – if it’s gusty or there’s no wind, you don’t get any help – but the reward is worth it. This rider experience drives our design criteria. Everyone wants a wing that is easy to get up and fly, improves your transitions and helps you reach your goals sooner. As soon as you can connect your gybes, your sessions last 10x longer.”

The Nova V3 has more power. It’s physically lighter and flies with a lighter feel, and because it generates more lift in a neutral position, helps to improve your transitions.

To make it more stable, the North Designers have increased the draft in the profile section, which in turn gives it more low-end power. Then to counteract the stiffness of the frame and the canopy and ensure the wing remains stable at the top end, they’ve tapered the leading-edge diameters, making it stiffer in the centre and allowing the wingtips to reflex and dump excess wind.

The bigger sizes of the Nova are designed to spill the wind. The 6 and 7m are for a heavier rider or someone that wants to ride a smaller foil, rather than light wind specific.

The 2023 version is available in three colours – Sunset Yellow, Rubine Red and Pacific Blue – and a range of sizes from 1.9m to 7m.

Discover the 2023 Nova at

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