Lift introduce the new LIFT4

Introducing the Lift4, Lift's new state-of-the-art efoil, with multiple upgrades and revolutionary new battery technology… Read on.

At Lift Foils, our goal has always been to get as many people as possible to experience the unique and magical feeling of flying over water. Every new generation of eFoil stays true to this goal, not only by continuously improving, but also by elevating every part of the foiling experience. With that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to the brand new LIFT4 and the incredible innovations that define it.

The LIFT4 was designed to prioritize three main qualities – Style, Longevity, and Performance. After five years of extensive usage and of acquiring feedback from more than 15,000 riders, we’ve updated and reworked the majority of our components to perfect your ride and create an eFoil that will revolutionize how we interact with water and with nature. Lift’s fourth generation eFoil is the quietest eFoil ever. Here's what's new:

Ride Time

A new proprietary battery management system, and access to best-in-class battery cells allows ride time of more than 2.5hrs with our full battery, and 1.5hrs with our light battery. Additionally, charge time has been reduced to 50m for our full battery, and 30 for the light battery.

Quiet Ride

We’ve introduced our brand new LIFT4 eBox with Quiet Ride technology that reduces any acoustic noise while eFoiling down to near-silence so that when you fly… it’s just you and Mother Nature.


The LIFT4 launches with our new Camber Pro front wings, our smoothest eFoil specific wings to date. The Camber Pro series is designed to perform and provide stability at high speeds, giving riders a greater feeling of control.

Details, Perfected

The LIFT4 features many details we’ve updated based on input from our riders and community. Our battery features a new ruggedized housing with rubber feet, we’ve upgraded our latches to a proprietary carbon fiber design that automatically regulates hatch pressure, and our hand controller has been ruggedized, and now features more data options.

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