iUP pre-order starts soon

Need something to look forward to? TAAROA have announced that your can pre-order your iUP from April 15th. Here is what they had to tell us about it: 

Team TAAROA has been working hard preparing the iUP’s final iteration for the marketplace, despite a complicated year for everyone. Our team is now in the stage of making final validation tests of both the foil itself and its smartphone application.

The latest testing update:

We have steadily accomplished the last tweaks to the iUP’s final design, thanks to a focused testing plan centered on consistency and performance. By using high level riders, specific clubs, and targeted, local sailing spots, we have been collecting accurate performance data.

In Switzerland, France, Hawaii and California, we are finalizing an innovative, surf-style carbon front wing that is proving well adapted for both the iUP’s manual and assisted modes. The wing is easy to control and stable, even in “manual mode.” The new design is inspired by none other than the renowned McLaren Speedtail concept car – with flaps directly integrated into the main body of the wing giving additional glide, and a minimalistic approach.

Technical details for the iUP:

As ride speed changes, the Autopilot can adjust the shape of the wing automatically by changing the position of the wing flaps, maximizing the “work envelope” of the wing. The result is a wing profile that constantly adapts to changing speed and creates the feel of a surface area from 1100 to 2400 cm2. The front wing geometry can also be adjusted manually using the smartphone app before riding, and can be locked in a specific position.

The final version of the iUP comes with a high-quality 85 cm aluminium mast to give more stability, forgiveness, and higher performance. A taller mast of 85 cm gives riders more versatility when crossing over foiling disciplines, additional forgiveness for learning, and a boost in athletic feel and performance for progressive riders. That being said, riders will still have the ability to lock the foil into a specific maximum height above water via the iUP’s application and its special fusion of height and depth sensors, explained further below.

Once the iUP is attached to the rails of the board with its Plate Mount, you can link up the foil with your smartphone application via the foil’s own wifi connection. Simply turn on the iUP, connect your phone to the iUP’s wifi, and open the app. Accessing the app will let you choose a preset flight mode that corresponds to your preferred sport. The preset modes, now optimized for wing foil and surf foil let you gain a correct feeling before adjusting the foil to your own personal ride style. Adjusting the foil can be done by fine-tuning the roll, pitch, angular speed, height control and a variety of other settings directly in the application, which then pushes them to the Autopilot. After a session, you can get access to your ride statistics and navigation map, thanks to the data collected by the onboard GPS.

The iUP is a truly safe foil, one that you can ride confidently and fearlessly. We integrated several sensors to enable more precise height control, so you can fly at your preferred height above the water and progress incrementally with your confidence level. Thanks to the data fusion between the height and depth sensors, you have the ability to set the iUP to your ideal height above water via the application. Your foil will never explode out of the water if you make a mistake. Our “No Flipping Over” feature gives riders additional security: in case of a fall, the foil stays stable and submerged, and won’t turn over, reducing the risk of injury or equipment damage.

Team TAAROA is proud to help make foiling more accessible to everyone through engineering and innovation. The iUP will be available for pre-order soon, so make sure you get yours at: www.taaroa-hydrofoil.com.

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