ION’s Tie Dye Collection is now out…

Ion’s new collection is inspired by nature’s unique forms, by its random yet beautiful patterns to be found in all elements. Implemented across all product categories, the tie-dye colorway stands out. Not without one highlight: The Seek AMP Frontzip. Each tie-died wetsuit is different. Produced in a true tie dye process, every suit comes in a one-of-a-kind design. Just like the best art, it is available in limited quantities only. The design is featured in a limited amount of all Seek AMP FZ thicknesses as well as the Collision Vest Select FZ, Neo Zip Top LS Skin and the Riot Team Series.

This wetsuit stands for an epic stretch without compromising warmth, making it the perfect wetsuit all year round. Max_Flex offers superior stretch in the body part you need it most. More Stretch translated into an enhanced experience on and off the water. The Seek AMP FZ is available is three colorways: Black, Petrol and Tie Dye Limited. As opposed to other tie dye colorways, this wetsuit really went through a tie-dying process. White neoprene sheets are dipped and stirred in a supersized color tank. Only after this true tie dye process, the colored neoprene sheets are cut and sewed together. The result are hundreds of similar seeming yet unique colored wetsuits. An alternate option would have been to create d white wetsuits, have the suits worn by the team and dip them in the color tanks. We might save this technique for next time. Either way, the Seek AMP is complemented with classy and eye-catching details on the sleeves and around the neck area. The design elements combined with the wetsuit‘s technological features make for a wetsuit that stands out.

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