ION 2024

ION is thrilled to unveil their 2024 collection. Striking designs, cutting-edge graphics, and new protective accessories of premium quality define this year‘s lineup.

The latest additions feature an array of protective accessories, including gloves, impact vests, helmets, bags, and more. These enhancements come in exceptional colorways. Remaining true to the “Surfing Elements” theme, the 2024 designs and graphics not only span the entire watersport accessories range but also complement the ION Bike collection seamlessly. At the heart of the ION range are two standouts. Our premium wetsuit range boasts the warmest wetsuit ever made, paired with the most flexible materials available. Additionally, the 3D Fit Technology in ION harnesses stands as our solution for individually fitting kite and windsurfing harnesses. ION is committed to consistently developing top-quality accessories, advancing design, and leading in innovation.

Here‘s to a season brimming with exploration, adventure, the pursuit of thrills, and the lessons learned from failures. Yet, in overcoming challenges, we will succeed and set out to inspire others. As a European brand, ION embodies the versatility of outdoor action sports. Whether facing gusty winds, gnarly waves, or the harshest weather, we always have the right equipment for you. Explore the latest product news for kiting, surfing, winging, windsurfing, wakeboarding, or any other activity you‘re currently passionate about. Don‘t limit yourself.

Just a few of the highlights include the following:


The Seek Core is truly renowned, offering excellent value for money and a whopping sixteen different sizes, making it the crowd‘s favorite. Now, the wetsuit is also available in a striking tiger style. Earn extra style points when you choose to pair the wetsuit with other pieces from the collection.


The Collision Vest Amp is available in three colors, this vest not only enhances your confidence but also provides protection for your upper body when pushing your limits a bit too far. For those who prefer a low-key style while still riding aggressively, all models are also available in more understated colorways.


A standout must-try among the novelties is the Mission Select. When it comes to protective features, the Mission surpasses any other water- sports helmet, being the only one on the market that meets the safety standards for wintersports. Yes, you can take it skiing. This is precisely why performance sailing teams place their trust in the same construction


With its sleek fit, precisely distributed padding, and Max_Flex outer lining, the Collision Vest Select is the impact vest you‘ve always desired. Endorsed by wakeboard world champions, worn under wetsuits by Kite Big Air legends, and relied upon by prone foilers conquering multiple-over-head monsters.


Protection extends beyond yourself. Caring for your equipment is nearly as crucial. That‘s why we consistently expand our collection of board bags. The Wingfoil Downwinder Boardbag is a valuable addition to our extensive range of bags crafted from recycled materials.

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