Introducing the Takuma Kujira II

The Kujira line has evolved with the sport. Riders are now more experienced, more skilled and more demanding. Takuma has put all its passion to come with an original solution to meet their expectations.

HIGH MANEUVERABILITY:  The intelligent design allows the Kujira foils to maintain a high level of manuverability, smooth acceleration, a fast top end speed and effortless pumping, while maintaining great stability.

IMMENSE GLIDE: Delivering exceptional glide and a progressive lift , the kujira foils allow for a smooth and stable take-off. They perform with brilliant reactiveness and even at extremely low speed they deliver a sensational yet forgiving ride.

THE BUMPS: Breaks up water contact and reduces resistance resulting in less drag for an increase of speed, agility and sharper turns.

THE WINGLETS: Reduces and redirects the angle of the vortex for less vibration and more stability for a smooth and comfortable ride.

Innovation is about the intersection of purpose and creativity


The name Kujira (くじら) is Japanese for whale.
The revolutionary tubercle design of our foils, mimics the pectoral fin of the humpback whale which is known for its agility, power and efficiency.
Resulting in enormous improvement in terms of hydrodynamics, lift, glide, stability and comfort during flight.

Find out more at TAKUMA.COM

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