FreeWing AIR V2 by Starboard x Airush

The new Wing Design for Wingfoiling and Wingsurfing – the FreeWing AIR by Starboard x Airush has landed and here is all the information about it…  

The FreeWing AIR V2 is now more stable & stiffer, offering more reactivity, acceleration & speed.

The FreeWing AIR is designed for wing foil beginners to down-the-line wing surfers. The deep narrow and forward window position is designed for you to see clearly where you are heading and now with the new aft windows on the bigger sizes ensures your safety while having a great time on the water. The center strut is extra wide where it meets the leading edge strut, making that connection rigid for more power and stability. Yes, you can now ride faster with more control

For Wing Surfing – the wingtips are angled inward, avoiding the wing from touching the water’s surface when starting and surfing.

For Wing Foiling – the outline profile of the FreeWing AIR allows it to feel compact in your hands so, it’s easy to spin around and you can easily progress and learn new moves.

For Long Distance Wing Foiling – The FreeWing AIR is very easy to de-power and together with the harness line attachment points, less pressure is put on your arms and you can ride for longer.

With the size range from 2m – 8m, you can enjoy winging any day in all conditions from 7 knots to 50+ knots.

What’s the main difference between the V1 and V2? 

Here’s what Clinton Filen, the Brand Director says:

“One of the more visible changes are the optimised windows, we were able to reduce the window size by up to 50% and really fine-tune the positioning, the outcome is a great compromise between reducing weight while maintaining excellent visibility.

From a structural side, we increased the diameter of the center strut connection to enhance the high-end stability of the wing. This is an area we have already had a lot of positive feedback on, but we wanted to further improve higher wind and jumping performance, along with general responsiveness. 

We did a lot of refinement to the larger sizes, going to a shorter center cord and more vertical leading edge, together these work with the refined wingtips to keep the larger sizes more manageable.

There have also been key changes to the components such as reduced length leashes optimized for each size and a much larger bag that is easier to pack and can also include your pump.”



The FreeWing AIR V2  is even more stable, stiffer, offering more reactivity, acceleration and speed.

Available sizes: 2 – 8 m2


The compact center strut and more squared leading edge create a direct balance, pulling you forward.

Manouvers are easier as all the tips are further away from the water. (Main changes on size 6, 7 and 8)


The unique long and narrow forward windows are spreading all the way down, ensuring full visibility for where you want to fly.



The mini aft windows above the center strut give you an essential glimpse of what’s behind you in a jibe.

All windows are carefully positioned for max viewing in critical situations and with minimal weight/stretch.

(Only available on size 6, 7 and 8)


The FreeWing AIR V1 wingtips were already industry-leading. Now sizes 6, 7 and 8 are even easier for you to get out of the water when starting and during fun manouvers, as they have more inwards angle, avoiding water surface contact.



“The FreeWing AIR development started back in 2012 at our Airush development center in Cape Town. In 2015, we decided to put the development on ice as we felt that a windsurfing rig was still functioning better. Then came SUP foiling, changing the game and now we are rolling out our  FreeWing program, including industry-leading 4’6” x 25” boards to amazingly well-performing 7-meter wings. Its been loads of fun for our group’s brands to develop products together and when Airush launched the first kites back some 19 years ago,  it was under the Airush / Starboard alliance name.

Our workshop is 15 meters away from our lake in Thailand, so our days and evenings are filled with Wingboarding and pump foil testing.

We look forward to taking the sport we almost invented to the next level, the same way we have helped Windsurfing and Paddleboarding become easy sports to learn, and providing game-changing high-end performance year after year. After being in the water for over 40 years, the 3 things I am super passionate about exploring are Wingboarding, the rebuilding of Junior Windsurfing, and supporting our own Olympic iQFoil class, but the most fun is developing Wing gear.”

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We plant a mangrove to absorb 1 ton of CO2 over 20 years  and collect 1.1 kg of plastics from the oceans. 

Live a deep blue life with us.


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