Fanatic X Duotone: New Duotone Wing Foiling Range 2024

So if you heard the rumours, then here's the confirmation… Fanatic merges into Duotone, who now present their full 2024 board & foil range… exciting times. 

Since the establishment of Duotone in 2018, the brand has garnered immense strength, expertise, and customer acceptance in the realm of Kiteboarding and Windsurfing products. Covering a vast spectrum of watersports, from Wing Foiling to Kiteboarding and Windsurfing, Duotone has become synonymous with innovation and excellence. With Fanatic and Duotone, we had two powerful brands that occupy very similar positions. Fanatic has a heritage of over 40 years, Duotone brings together a huge amount of expertise. That's why we have decided to offer the products from the performance sector, which were previously under Fanatic under the Duotone brand name going forward in the future, i.e. Windsurf boards, Foiling & Wing Foiling boards and foils. The logical sequence is that we are phasing out Fanatic in the Windsurf, Foiling and Wing Foiling segment over the next six months.

From now on Duotone will appear as the overall brand name for Kiteboarding, Windsurfing, Wing Foiling and Foiling. Together, we forge ahead, propelled by the strong ties that connect us, and with an unwavering determination to redefine what is possible in the world of watersports.



“The most important thing is that the products are excellent and that the people who create them are passionate about them.”
Craig Gertenbach





“Our customers no longer have to match two brands, they get everything from a single source”
Klaas Voget





We have plenty of new boards for you! For example, the brand new Downwinder range – a very modern and sleek shape for SUP Foiling Downwinders, as well as light wind Wing Foiling. A game changer for very light wind days, especially in combination with our Ventis wings. The Sky Surf, Sky Style and Sky Free shapes are all brand new including some additional sizes. A new beginner board, the Sky Start, developed with Sky Solbach and Alan Cadiz on Maui makes learning to Wing Foil easier than ever.



Our new Unit and Unit D/LAB for 2024 continue to set the standard for handle wings, with longer carbon front handles allowing one-handed riding and a more ergonomic designed strut that brings huge upgrades to the riding comfort. Our recently launched Ventis wing is fast becoming the leader in light wind winging tests and sales, whilst the Slick range, already introduced in spring, is still the superstar in boom wings/compact shapes.



Our foil range has received quite a few upgrades! One of the highlights is our new Carve 2.0 Surf/Freestyle oriented foil line offered as a prepreg carbon (SLS) screw-on option which is – like all new SLS wings – forward and backwards compatible to the new Duotone and the previous Fanatic Fuselages, as well as a 2-piece glider in HM carbon, the Carve 2.0 D/LAB. These new wings combine lower drag and higher speed with increased lift, pop and drive making them ideal for winging in the waves, for freestyle on flat water, Prone Foiling and all-round Kite Foiling. We have added new sizes to our popular Free range – the allrounder that does it all! Our very successful Glide range continues unchanged in the smaller sizes and gets new larger additions for light wind winging and to enter Downwind and Pump Foiling. New Quickmount masts and lots of small details round off the new foil range – all covered in hot new Duotone graphics.


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