Fanatic launch the Sky Wing TE models 2023

Fanatic have launched the brand new Sky Wing TE Models for 2023, check them out!

Our new range of Team Edition models – SKY SURF TE, SKY STYLE TE & SKY FREE TE – combine our light and strong premium Carbon PVC Sandwich construction with the next generation of shapes for all levels, rider profiles and disciplines.

With extra stability, improved responsiveness for turns and jumps combined with easy take-off and landings – these are the boards ridden by our Pro Team and the perfect choice if you’re looking to unlock then next level in performance.


Our new SKY FREE TE was designed for riders looking for the easiest board to improve in wing foiling paired with the best technology, performance and weight out there!

Watch more here:


The name says it all! These models are designed to evolve your style – whether in the air or in the surf, pushing your wing game has never been so easy!

You can watch more right here:


Our SKY SURF TE models received a complete re-design with new rocker, rails and deck recess, combining all levels of prone foiling and radical winging in three shapes ranging from grom to mid weight ripper.

You can watch the product clip here:

You can find out more about the entire Fanatic collection right here.


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