It begins with a healthy body, then comes the fun part. Prioritizing the riders‘ health ION focuses product development towards an ergonomically fitted range: The new definition of Comfort Zone.

One underlying concept on which all innovations and updates are based on. Applying the highest standards to offer the best protection through individualized fit.

This season, ION is proud to extend the Ergo_Concept onto further categories. Introducing the 3D Fit Technology in the hardshell harnesses in 2022, ION updates the ergonomic harness range. The 3D Fit Technology is all about the right fit, for a safer harness that keeps you riding longer, protects your back for the years to come, and gives you the extra bit of confidence on the water.

All-new in 2023, the Ergo_Concept is complemented by the all-new helmet range’s 360° Fit System. Developed in cooperation with WIP, the technology allows for a quick, snug, and comfortable fit right out of the box.

The Ergo_Concept is here to stay. ION will always develop the highest quality accessories, design progressively, and be the innovation leader in protection.


Today, the importance of a well fitted kite or windsurf harness is mostly ignored. Is it ignorance or lack of knowledge? Whatever it may be, everyone strives to ride longer, pain free and perform better. The technology is developed with Dr. Thomas Fischer, orthopedic physician and spine surgeon specializing in treatments of spine diseases.


Standard Harnesses use waist circumference for finding an assumed fit. Developed in collaboration with Dr. Thomas Fischer, ION CURV Harnesses featuring the 3D Fit Technology use three dimensions for sizing.


But only if they fit right! There’s no one-fits-all solution. Every body is unique. When it comes to your harness, everyone should care about having their individualized fit. Given perfect fit, a hardshell harness offers four advantages.

Superior comfort

Responsive Riding

Increased back support as it is more protective leading to less injury risk.

More freedom of movement as you may use a lower outline with the support.


Protection has always been one of ION‘s core values when it comes to developing water sports gear. The Ergo_Concept now encompasses the freshly reworked helmet range.

Developed in cooperation with WIP, ION Slash helmets feature the 360° Fit System. It allows for a quick, snug, and comfortable fit right out of the box. Whereas your standard helmet is only adjustable on the back part, the Slash‘s inner headband wraps right around the entire head. Instead of simply pressing the helmet against your front head, the 360° Fit System will snug comfortably around your head.wraps right around the entire head.

The 360° fit results in an even distribution of pressure, enhanced wearing comfort and less movement while riding or when crashing.

The Ergo_Concept is a conviction that is here to stay. Focusing on harnesses and helmets now, the future may reveal further ergonomically optimized accessories.

For now, we encourage you to discover the whole Ergo_Concept universe by checking out the comprehensive Experience Page: ERGO_CONCEPT 2023

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