Eleveight GT1+

Fresh to the foil scene is the Eleveight GT1 Plus performance wave to freeride crossover wing.

Featuring new premium XTC TEX material construction, the GT1+ is lighter, stiffer and highly efficient. The new innovative handle system allows for a customised setup aimed at the more demanding wing foiler pushing the limits with wave ambitions.

Through the evolution of wing foiling, we saw a clear demand for an additional performance wing to add to the lineup. A high-tech design brief meant a lengthy development process testing new materials that would fulfil the demand for lightweight performance that's stiff and reactive with fantastic downwind drift. The GT1+ is crafted with our proven X4 ripstop as well as the new XTC TEX material. The result offers the right balance between lightweight and a stiffer more responsive frame construction. Like with our RS+ kite, the GT1 + feels more direct and reflects our highest standard in material composition.

Thanks to the innovative CS Handle, the GT1+ offers an optional grip to suit your preferred riding style. Choose from super light and intuitive power control, or easily switch to a more direct feeling by simply inserting the tension brace option. Our highly innovative dual-infill panel adds advanced profile support between the strut and canopy to reduce turbulence and create natural drift. The Gt1+ will become your best friend for every wave session and the optimal choice for long downwinders.

“Our goal for the GT1+ was to develop a wing that was lighter, stiffer and as dynamic as possible. Our new XTC TEX material went on to exceed our expectations in performance!” – Phil Martin – Co-Founder/Global Sales Manager

Find out more over at Eleveight.com

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