Duotone 2022 Unit

Duotone present their best wing to date – The 2022 Unit!

Light, lifty and stable, yet incredibly easy to handle and control through Duotone’s brand-new rigid handle design, the 2022 Unit will blow your mind no matter whether you’re into wave riding, long down-winders, freestyle or just starting your wing journey.

Through some key design tweaks to the previous model, the brain behind the Unit, Ken Winner, has achieved a much greater luffing stability when on the wave, with a significantly better hangtime in jumps, amazing lift through jibes and tacks with instant response when you need it! Besides, a new window layout results in weight savings without any compromise to comfort or safety. Forget everything you know about handle-equipped wings of the past, the 2022 Unit is setting a new benchmark, redefining the feeling and flying characteristics and creating a completely new winging experience.

Designer Ken Winner gives us the low down on the revamp of the Unit for 2022. Filling us in on the three main design goals for the new model, he explains what changes he made to the shape and the materials and how these changes have influenced the performance, handling and feel of the 2022 Unit. Identifying some of the design challenges that had to be overcome, Ken tells us more about the new rigid handles — one of the standout features of this wing — and why you only need two of them. Read more here.

We catch up with international team riders Stefan Spiessberger and Olivia Jenkins, two riders with very different styles, about the new Unit and the changes from the previous model. Read the full interview here. 

To find out more about the Duotone Unit head over to their website. 

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