And just like that, the new Cabrinha 04 range is here, packed full of high performing products to cater for the wonderfully diverse sports we find ourselves in for 2024. There’s absolutely no time like the present to grab your gear and hit the water! Here is everything you need to know about the new collection.

This may just be the most exciting time for the sport of Wingsurfing. New material developments, new designs, and a rapidly growing and expanding sport are allowing us all to experience the amazing feeling, at more and more locations around the world.

In high winds the stability of the designs and careful materials implementation allows for increased range, more control and in if it’s your thing, jump heights never seen before in this sport. In the lighter winds, the light wind specific sizes, as well as dedicated light wind boards have opened up the boundaries we faced before, and now allow us to get out and have fun in any location there is a breath of wind.

These, our 5th generation wing products are a true testament to the Design Works Development team. Wingsurfing is a sport on its own at Cabrinha. With a dedicated designer focused only on wing products, we have been able to drive innovation and evolution forward at speed. In any wind, in any conditions, the 04 Wing collection is your golden ticket to the best time on the water.

This year marks the biggest change to the foilboard range. All new all carbon construction opens up the door to lower weights, and stiff direct response, while the redesigned tail shapes mark a step away from the old sharp cutouts to a smoother more progressive outline that is not only Hydro Dynamic, but also Aero Dynamic.

A new addition to the foil range, the Bump breaks down the barrier of entry to the world of prone foiling, while the smaller size gives the highest level of rider the tool they need to draw their artistic canvas on the waves.

Finally the introduction of the Swift board, takes us into a whole new era of Wingfoiling, allowing for not only increased water time, but sets the path for an all new direction of this amazing sport.

Visit the Cabrinha website here for more information.

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