Beginner’s Guide to Foil Surfing

You love the look of it, the sound of it, you know where to get hooked up with one, and you're pretty much ready to go. But you're still just not quite sure how to do it yet, or what all the words mean…

Well, foil-ready friend, we've got this…

Introducing our Beginner's Guide to Foil Surfing. Lovingly put together by our Contributing Editor Kjell van Sice, it's got everything the first-time foiler needs to get up and riding, covering it all, from the many varied riding disciplines you can enjoy, to important safety and etiquette guidelines for when you're out on the water. There's also plenty of input from the very biggest names in the world of foiling including Kai Lenny, Zane Schweitzer, and Annie Reickert.

We promise there's something in there for everyone… even the most die-hard foil veterans amongst us. And if you know someone looking to get started, please send this post to them too!

Get the guide here.

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